Red Brick House With Black Trim: 20 Beautiful Examples That Will Make You Fall In Love With

image source: houzz

A red brick house with black trim is an aesthetic choice that fits many architectural styles. The red bricks add a dose of charm with their unfinished look while making a bold statement with the striking color.

At the same time, the black trim will accentuate the exquisite architectural details while perfectly complementing the red brick. Black windows will stand out nicely from the textured exterior.

This fantastic combination will enhance the curb appeal while adding a dose of style. We have you covered if you’re looking for a red brick house with black trim ideas. We curated a list of the best inspirations to consider for your next painting job. 

Red Brick House With Black Trim:

1. Colonial house

A brick house exterior feels so warm and inviting. The classic look enhances this colonial-style home and its remarkable architectural details. The homeowners decided to paint the roof and trim black to accentuate the beauty of the red brick. You can see how this simple painting job adds a modern touch to the colonial style. We love how it highlights attractive architectural features while keeping an authentic look.

2. Blue accents

Curating a color scheme for your exterior isn’t easy. Especially when you have a red brick exterior. The red brick exterior features an intriguing pattern that outlines the window and the door. They decided to use a lovely muted blue color for the accents. The windows and beams carry this color, while the door and trim remain black. This is a great color scheme if you want to add extra visual interest.

3. Cottage style

The cottage-style home features a fantastic rustic brick color. The trim is instead kept to a dark gray, the closest one you can get to black. It is ideal if you prefer a dark color, but black is too dark for your home. The outstanding exterior and garden landscaping make this cottage-style house adorable. 

4. Modern farmhouse

Black is often a choice in the modern farmhouse style. Paired with earthy red brick, you have a rustic combination perfect for your curb appeal. The whole patio is paved with red bricks for a cohesive look. The black paned windows add a touch of charm while being an ideal representative of the modern farmhouse style.

5. Black windows, brick exterior

The exterior features a perfectly balanced mix of black and red brick. The sloped roof is quite a prominent feature in the design, but the presence of the red brick doesn’t let it dominate the curb appeal. The result is a fascinating house exterior that feels modern and rustic at the same time. 

6. Modern and classic

In this modern house design, the red bricks feel more like a focal point. The oversized windows minimize the exterior surface while adding a shiny texture that opposes the rough brick. The black trim accentuates the gorgeous style of this unique home. 

7. Contemporary

Red brick and black trim are a bold combination for making a statement. The ideal comb isn’t only reserved for traditional styles, as it will make its way to modern houses. The contemporary house design features black trim that perfectly fits the uneven bricks. The wooden deck strengthens them with its warmth, creating the ultimate setting for relaxation. 

8. White accents

While the red brick black trim combo is quite brave, you can break it down with accents. The white windows and door trim will contrast the black trim while creating a gorgeous exterior. The shutters are kept black for that visual appeal. You can always opt for charcoal trim if black appears too strong for your design. 

9. Rustic style

A strong earthy red brick will stand out nicely. In this case, the design doesn’t have prominent grout. The black paned windows and trim will perfectly complement the aesthetic while adding a modern touch to this rustic house. When looking for the right paint colors for your exterior, check the trending choices by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. These are the most popular brands when it comes to exterior paint. They have different tones so that you can find the right fit for your curb appeal. 

10. Scandinavian barn

When the simple and cozy Scandi style and barn architectural design merge, the result is a cute Scandinavian barn. The modern design includes faded brick and black trim for visual interest. When choosing a paint color, it is crucial to test it. Color will appear different under different light conditions. Whether your house is in direct sun or shade, it will make a huge difference. There are various tones of black, so make sure to grab a sample and see how it looks.

11. Forest house

12. Modern traditional combination

13. Black-paned windows

14. Charcoal trim and red brick

15. Victorian house

16. White exterior brick accents

17. Wood and brick exterior

18. Contemporary exterior

19. Sunroom

20. Townhouse

Final thoughts

With so many options to consider, you can quickly improve your red brick house with black trim. You saw how this excellent exterior combination fits various styles and how adding different accents elevates the design. Whether you have a traditional Victorian or contemporary home, be sure that it will look as charming as you imagined it.