15 Shared Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Sisters

There are many things siblings may have and do in common, but when it comes to bedrooms, they most likely have different ideas and things they want in the room.

Having them share the same room can be quite challenging for the parents, and it might turn into a battleground; this is particularly true for sisters.

You, as a parent, can avoid this by sitting down with your teenage girls and having them discuss their bedroom design ideas.

Finding a room design for teenage sisters can be quite a handful because they know the exact thing they want in their bedroom, and you can be sure they won’t think twice before telling you what they don’t. But it’s all about finding a middle ground. 

If you are having difficulty deciding on the shared bedroom ideas for your teenage sisters, then this is for you.

Read on to find out 15 ideas to help you design the perfect bedroom for your teenagers.

  1. Put up Dividing Walls for Privacy

Yes, it’s a shared bedroom, but the one thing that can quickly lead to fighting between two teenage sisters is not having some privacy for themselves. Hence, the first thing you need is diving walls for privacy.  

Some of these dividing walls are adjustable to fit all room heights, making them more preferable than the walls made with wood. This dividing panel separates the shared bedroom into two and allows them to choose which side they’d like to be on. 

  1. Create Enough Room for Both Sisters

When designing a shared bedroom for teenage sisters, this might be the biggest concern you have to pay attention to. Both sisters want to have enough space for themselves; this is genuine. So, ensure you have some of the very innovative and creative pieces of furniture to help with increasing storage and ensuring both sisters have enough space for themselves. This is just a buttress on how to divide the bedroom. 

Sometimes, it’s fine to let the older sister have the largest space, but the younger sister must be onboard to prevent constant bickering. 

  1. Divide the Room with Furniture Placement

It’s all about ideas of a shared bedroom for your teenage sisters. If you don’t want the bedroom completely divided, you could have a furniture placement in the room instead. This placement doesn’t completely divide the room into two; rather, it serves as the illusion of a little privacy between the two beds. You’d be surprised at how much teenage sisters value their privacy. This placement may come in handy to create more personal space. 

  1. Choose The Room Colors

The next thing you want to decide on is the room colors. Usually, girls have some colors that are peculiar to them; an example will be Pink. If both sisters agree on the same color, that makes it easier. But if they don’t, then both sisters have to compromise on what color goes on the wall, or maybe a blend of both their favorite colors can be the way to save the day. 

Keeping both sisters happy, with a blend of their favorite colors, is way better than painting the divided rooms with separate colors. 

  1. Line Up the Bed Head to Head

Arrangement of the bed is another concern that might arise while designing your teenage girls’ room. There are quite a few ideas to have your girls choose from. One is lining up the bed head to head on one wall. This way, you get to manage floor space and, in fact, have it creates some privacy, too. 

You may need an actual built-out if you will be considering this idea. The wall doesn’t have to be too big or thick; a tiny fancy wall will do fine. Ensure it’s large enough for the bed’s size and doesn’t take much space. 

  1. Bunk Bed Against a Wall

Bunk beds are not great ideas to consider for bed options. This, however, may not work if you are considering dividing the bedroom. The only issue you may have to deal with when it comes to a bunk bed is who stays on the upper bunk. But you can get them to agree on who goes up and stays on the lower bunk. 

The good thing about this is it saves space and gives enough room for furniture and the dresser to stay. 

  1. Side By Side

The last option we will consider, which doubles as the most common, is placing the bedside by the side. This is the best option if the room is spacious enough to contain both beds. Arranging the bedside by the side leaves a part of the room available for a dresser, bookshelf, desks, and maybe some gadgets and appliances. 

This setting makes the bed the focal point, and you could have some wallpapers on the wall just above the two beds and maybe a coffee table in the middle of both beds. 

  1. Arrangement of Dresser

The placement of the dresser will pretty much depend on how the bed is arranged, or more appropriately, how spacious the room is. This is very important to girls, as they always want to look in the mirror at every chance they get.

If the bed is lined up head to head, the other side may be good for placing the dresser. The same goes for bunk beds. However, if the bed is arranged side by side, you could have the dresser set right in the middle of both beds or place it in the available space to face the bed. 

  1. Placement of Shelf

The placement of the shelf depends on how the bed is placed and the size of the shelf. Teenagers, especially girls, have quite a lot of stuff. Hence, you may need to get them a big shelf to contain their property. The shelf should demarcate into two halves for both sisters, and maybe further division in each half. 

If you are getting a large shelf, you may need to place it in a separate part of the room, but it should be close enough to the bed for easy access. Generally, when the bed is arranged, where to place the shelf will become clearer. 

  1. Placement of Desk

It’s a bedroom; a large desk may not be really necessary. Usually, a portable desk made of glass or plastic is placed close to the bed to keep a few books that can stay on the shelf. The desk may just be placed close to the dresser or in the middle of the bed. The ideal is to keep some important books closer and do some writing and reading. This can be scrapped if the room is not very spacious to contain it. 

  1. Desk Under the Beds

Still, on the placement of desks, some bunks come with desks in place of the lower bunk. This is a great option, as you could have two bunks with desks for both sisters. This way, they have their personal space and don’t share desks. These bunks don’t have to be too big to save space. 

  1. Lighting 


Lightning is also very important. The room must be bright enough to read, write, and, most importantly, apply makeup. The room must not be too bright to avoid negatively impacting the eyes. Hence, two sets of bulbs will be ideal; a colored and, probably, a white fluorescent bulb. This way, they can switch between both when the need arises. 

Another option is to get fancy lamps placed on the dresser, desk, and some strategic places in the bedroom to make it more elegant and appealing. 

  1. Wallpapers and Posters


What goes on the wall is another concern you may have to deal with when designing a shared bedroom for teenage sisters. They both like and want different things. While one may wish to have a picture of Nicki Minaj on the wall, the other may prefer just wallpaper. If the wall is divided into two rooms, this may not cause many issues as both sisters can do whatever they want on their side of their room. 

But if not, then you, as the parent, may have to step in and find a way to satisfy both sides. If the bed is arranged side by side, they can picture their favorite celebrities’ sports on their side of the bed. Finding common ground is key to preventing constant bickering. 

  1. Mix and Match Individual Styles

Your teenage sisters are sharing the same room doesn’t mean they cannot have their favorite accessories, games, devices, or appliances. Ensure the room blends both their themes, styles, and favorites. And of course, one might be messy and the other tidy; it is all about finding a balance for them both. Let them have their favorite beddings, desk pads, and all.

  1. Personalize Everything

Personalize everything. After all, they are teenagers who might not know what they want. Moreover, you don’t want to get caught in “but that’s mine” arguments. Fun wall art, bedding embroidery, and even painted signs above each of their beds are great ways to show the divide in the room while keeping everything else the same.

Finally, the key to a successfully designed room for teenage sisters is to set some ground rules. Indeed, this will not eliminate frequent fights and bickering, but it will save them from getting into unnecessary arguments and let you have some peace of mind.