15 Skater Girl Bedroom Ideas

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Creating a skater girl bedroom can be challenging if you don’t know where to find inspiration. You want to design a comfortable and cozy room for a skater girl, but not too girly. Skater girls are strong, and their personality should reflect even in their bedroom decor. When putting together a lovely bedroom for your skater girl, several decor ideas are available to you.

If you have a skater girl and are searching for amazing decor ideas for her bedroom, here are a few for you to choose.

1. Skater Bedding 

A great place to start is skateboard bedding. You can find comforters or quilts with graphic images or appliques of skateboarders in action. There are also skateboard bedding that depicts different types of skateboards.

You can find bedding sets with pillow sheets, matching sheet sets, decorative pillows, and even bedsheets. With skater bedding, you don’t have to do too much. Plain walls pair nicely with skater bedding, preventing the decor from overwhelming or too busy.

2. Mount A Skateboard 

Mounting a skateboard is a practical way to design your skater girl’s bedroom. You can use the same skateboard your girl rides around for an exhibition in her room. All you need is some rope. Tie two knots at both ends of the rope, then burn the ends of the rope slightly to prevent it from fraying.

Next, using your ruler and pencil, draw two small vertical lines and a horizontal line cutting both vertical lines. Once this is done, drill two holes where the lines meet and insert wall anchors. Place any of the rope’s ends above any of the holes, then screw through the center of the knot. Once you are through, hang your skateboard with the lower side on the top, the wheels will grip the rope allowing the skateboard to hang perfectly. 

3. Hang Up Skater Curtains 

Skateboard curtains are a great addition to your skater-themed bedroom. Moreover, curtains are a vital part of every bedroom and give your bedroom a particular vibe. You can get skater-themed curtains in so many different designs.

You can even try out some DIY if you are feeling crafty. Turn old skater sheets to curtains or even do some patchwork to give off the handmade effect. You can get skater-themed blinds if you feel curtains are too heavy or block out too much light.

4. Skater Lampshade 

A skater-themed table lamp is a perfect addition to your skater girl’s bedroom. Table lamps provide soft light that is not overwhelming or too much, directed at a specific bed area. A skater-themed table lamp doubles as a functional accessory.

If your skater girl needs to use the bathroom at night or read a book, a skater lamp serves as the perfect light source. You can get skater-themed lamps in various sizes, designs, and colors. If you are into DIY tutorials, you can find one that shows you how to customize the table lamp shade to make it even more unique.

5. Customized Skater Headboard 

It’s pretty easy to make a customized skater headboard. All you need is some skater-themed fabric and a staple gun or a hot glue gun. A custom-made skater headboard is an excellent idea because you get to include your skater girl in getting it done. If your headboard is detachable, take it out and lay it on the floor.

Spread your fabric over it and lift the headboard. Ensure the fabric is tight over it, but not too tight, so it doesn’t tear. After that, secure the fabric behind the headboard. You can also get some wood cut out in the shape of skateboards, designed to replicate a real skateboard.

6. Skater Wall Art 

There is a lot of cool skater art to put up on your walls. You can opt for a sizeable banner-like art to place on the wall behind your headboard or create a collection of small wall art to create a gallery-like effect.

You can also blow up a photo of your skater girl in action and put it on the wall. There are so many options to choose from with skater wall art. You can get a photo of a famous skater, a special type of skateboard, and so many other great options.

7. Skater Wallpaper 

Getting skater wallpaper is a great way to give your skater girl the skater-vibe in her bedroom. Skater-themed wallpaper gives your skater girl’s bedroom an effect she will love. Moreover, you can buy skater wallpaper in different colors depending on your preference.

There are several ways to incorporate skater-themed wallpaper in your bedroom. You can even have multiple designs, giving your girl’s room a nice, relaxed look. Additionally, you can mix and match small sections of wallpaper to create a mural-like effect. 

8. Skater Stickers 

Using skater stickers is a subtle yet effective way to create a skater effect in your skater girl’s bedroom. You can get skater stickers and place them on the drawers, cabinets, and side tables for a nice theme.

There are a lot of stickers to choose, including stickers of skateboards, skaters in action, and so much more. You can also place stickers at the base of a large mirror for a nice artsy effect. You can also use the stickers to frame the mirror, sticking them all around its edges. 

9. Framed Skater Photos 

If you have photos of your skater girl in action, you can frame them and place them on the walls in her bedroom. This is an inexpensive yet effective decor idea. You can even create a gallery wall of her photos behind her bed for the wow effect.

If you don’t want to hang the pictures on the wall, you can put them on the dresser or the bedside tables. You can also frame photos of her friends skating and other famous skaters that she likes or talks about. 

10. Go For Earth Tones

Since skating is an outdoor activity, choosing earth-toned decor is a great way to incorporate the skater theme. You can also go for metallic blue or silver like a skate ramp. A great idea is to recreate the feeling of the outdoors, so pick soft greens, reds, and yellows to mimic the daytime. By choosing bed covers, pillows, and general decor in skater colors, you can incorporate this.

11. Hang a helmet up

Who is a skater without her helmet? You can hang up your skater girl’s helmet for a simple decor idea. This is not only an inexpensive decor method, but it is also multifunctional as it serves as storage for the helmet.

Your skater girl can grab her helmet and be on the move as soon as she needs to go. All you need to get this done is a wall anchor or a nail. You can also place the helmet next to the skateboard for a more coordinated look.

12. Skater Throw Pillows

Skater-themed throw pillows give your skater girl’s bedroom a lovely, comfortable feel. Throw Pillows are just right if you don’t want to go overboard with creating a skater-themed bedroom for your skater girl. If there is a couch in the bedroom, throw pillows will fit perfectly on them.

You can incorporate the skater-themed throw pillows in your skater-themed bedroom for some extra razzle-dazzle. Throw pillows are available in different colors, designs, shapes, and styles for you to choose. Even with your skater pillows, you can maintain a color scheme selected for your bedroom. 

13. Skater Loft Beds

Loft beds create an adventure-like effect in any bedroom. Loft beds are similar to bunk beds, sharing the same double-level as the latter. However, loft beds do not have two mattresses like bunk beds.

Typically, the top bunk is the bed, and the bottom layer can be an excellent reading nook or cozy corner for your skater girl to chill out. You can customize your skater-themed loft with skater wallpaper, skater stickers, hanging art, and even skater graffiti.

14. Skater Graffiti

Skater graffiti will incorporate the street feel into your skater girl’s bedroom. You can get stencils and write out a mantra, something cool, or just your skater girl’s name in her bedroom. Moreover, you can also design multiple spots on the wall and make some writing larger than others.

If you feel very inspired, grab a spray paint can and do something fun. You can ensure that you do not ruin the walls by partitioning the area you want to design. You can also stick stencils on the wall and get to spraying.

15. Skater Mini Toys

Just like figurines, you can have your skater mini toys on display for all to see. Arrange them on your bedside table or dresser and enjoy the addition to your skater-themed bedroom. You can find mini skateboards, skater action figures, and many other great ideas for a skater-themed bedroom.

Designing a bedroom for your skater girl can be a fun project, especially since the possibilities are endless. Remember to keep it cool and simple and always try to incorporate her style or aesthetic into the decor ideas.