20 Small Pool Ideas On A Budget

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We all love to have the luxury or privilege of going for a swim, whether it is in the ocean, a river, or perhaps a serene lake. Swimming is a very relaxing activity that brings us closer to mother earth and nature. It can even be therapeutic for most people; as said, once in the water, there is a feeling of weightlessness, and you feel as if you have become the water itself. 

Because not everyone may have access to the water bodies mentioned above, mankind came up with a very creative solution, a swimming pool. A swimming pool is an artificial or “man-made” structure meant to hold water for swimming or other leisurely activities such as lounging. It is commonly found in both public and private establishments, of which both may or may not charge for its usage. It is also very common in private residences, either in an estate for general use or attached to one home for private consumption.

Owning a pool is considered a luxury for some, if not most, and rightly so, it can be quite expensive to build, equip and maintain. But this is a general belief; the truth is rather comforting. I know a lot of us to wish we had a pool in our very own backyard but have probably heard the same thing: “it’ll cost too much.” Well, fret not, you too can have your very own small pool in your home. Want to know how? Follow me on this journey to explore the 20 best Small Pool Ideas that are budget-friendly.  

Idea #1

Relaxation and luxury are priceless commodities; perhaps you can say they are precious cargo. But sometimes, the best things in life can indeed be gotten for free and, of course, come in big packages.

All you need for this budget pool idea is an empty shipping container and some creativity. You can cut it to suit your desired shape; it is important to have a picture of what you wish to create.

Depending on the full size of your backyard, you can have the container maintain its full length in feet, or you can trim it until it fits perfectly. Once you finish, you are ready to enjoy your little pool.

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Idea #2

What is the saying again? Lay in the hay while the sun shines? Or is it make hay while the sun shines? Well, what’s important is you get the gist. Who says you need to go full tony stark to have your pool? Many people, though, but I am here to tell you they are wrong. Stay with me.

You only need enough PVC PRC Pond liner, bales of hay, and of course, some creativity for this pool idea.

The pool length is totally up to you, but remember to use enough hay, so your pool doesn’t collapse under the weight of the water within.

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Idea #3

If there is so much hidden treasure in trash, then surely you can say the dumpster is a goldmine, right? Well, in this small swimming pool idea, this is quite true. I know you are scratching your head wondering what I mean; well, stick around, and you will find out how.

You just need one thing, a dumpster, oh yea; I was not joking. You need a dumpster for this. It is a rather simple task to picture exactly what and how you want your pool to look like.

You save a lot of money on this affordable pool idea.

Idea #4

Here are a crazy idea, two words, abandoned water tank —okay, maybe three words, but let’s pretend it works regardless. Because for this next idea, you will need a lot of imagination to pull it off.

Water tanks generally serve to hold water, elevated in a tower, to supply water. But what happens when it can’t do this task? You can repurpose it for your very own pool.

And it barely needs any expensive additions to have it ready to go.

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Idea #5

You can do so much with really little materials; the trick is to first picture the desired result in your head and, of course, do a lot of “googling.” For this idea, we shall need to be just a little technical and creative.

To pull it off correctly, you need a stock tank, a lot of wood, granite, and of course, some cement to hold it all together. Making a small pool from these materials is cheaper than the usual way, making it an excellent and affordable choice.

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Idea #6

This one involves a fair amount of technical work, but it is also inexpensive. If you’re determined, you can turn anything into a much snazzier pool than your neighbor’s, even if you use rather unconventional materials.

For this idea, you just need wood and a plastic pool. Yes, I know, you are probably thinking, why not just swim in the plastic pool? Well, you could, but then it would be boring, and it could also risk wear and tear.

Using this shoring it up with wood, you protect and consolidate the pool.

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Idea #7

This idea takes a page from the previous pool design idea, but it isn’t as fine-tuned this time, but it sure still gets the job done. If you like to tinker with your backyard to make something unique, this is for you.

For this idea, you need blue tarpaulin, pallet wood, and a whole lot of nails. First, you form a circle with the pallet woods and place the tarp inside the fixed structure. You can cover it up with plywood to give it a fine finish.

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Idea #8

You want a pool; you wish you could lounge on a warm Saturday afternoon, but you live in a city without any natural water bodies, and the nearest pool is too far. Well, I have got you covered, or should I say immersed?

For this idea, you need concrete plans, literally. You need concrete building blocks stacked up from a rectangular space which you can later install tiles or tarpaulin and fill up with water.

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Idea #9

This is yet another small pool idea that requires a solid foundation; you need to be a little creative for this one as well, as you will have to dig a literal circle in the earth. Do not fret; it should be light work if you are adept at masonry, and even if you are not a handyman, it is quite easy to learn and master.

For this design idea, you need concrete blocks, but this time, you stack them up in a circle; the outcome should resemble an oasis in the desert. This is also a very affordable and creative way to bring the pool and all its benefits to your very own backyard. 

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Idea #10

It is quite common for a couple of beers to be present in massive amounts at a pool party, with a few coolers of your favorite brew sitting chilly. But have you swam in a pool of beer before? I know that when we have a few more beers than we should, it can feel that way, but that’s not what I mean.

This small pool idea involves beer, but I don’t mean an actual pool of beer, but a pool made from empty beer crates. It does sound like it came straight out of a jackass movie, doesn’t it? But this is quite innovative.

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Idea #11

Sometimes, nature provides an alternative to our artificial attempts to recreate a slice of the ocean. And no, I do not mean ponds; I mean certain sites that you can only term as a watery miracle.

You only need a site where the soil is rather clayey for this small pool idea, and water can collect there. You can do a little digging and add your water supply and purification system, and you are good to go. Mother nature’s little pool is just for you.

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Idea #12

In this small pool idea, we see that using affordable materials does not mean they can not be made to look stylish. Here is a great example of doing the most with so little and doing it very well.

For this idea, you need a stock tank, some white paint, and maybe an art degree. I’m kidding, and you just need to know how to paint straight lines. This is an above-ground small pool style, so the shiny sides of the stock tank mustn’t stick out like a sore thumb. With the right amount of paint and decoration, you’ve got yourself a nifty little pool.

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Idea #13

It calls for really inventive decision-making and a heaping amount of creativity for especially small spaces. You can do a considerable amount of things with small spaces if you do it right. And thankfully, that’s why I’m here, to guide you, my padawan, to use the force for good and pool constructions.

In this small pool idea, we see construction that fits two small pools together without overbearing the space one occupies. One pool, the one on top, feeds the other pool below it. This way, you get two pools for the price of one. Quite a budget-friendly venture.

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Idea #14

no rule says a budget-friendly pool idea should lack style or aesthetics. Because it is budget-friendly, you have the freedom to accessorize and design it however and with whatever you want.

Take, for example, this small pool idea, just outside, in the backyard. It occupies so little space and yet offers so much beauty to its general environment and for good measure. Since with small pools, the aim is to lounge and relax, you will need a good view around you.

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Idea #15

you very well do not have to sacrifice the chance to lounge with a great view, as we’ve just seen with the previous idea. But what if this view wasn’t just your backyard? What if it was the great outdoors or even the great outback. The possibilities are truly infinite if you keep an open mind.

And speaking of open spaces, this small pool idea offers you the chance to relax in the comfort of your backyard, in a pool, overlooking mother nature in all her grand splendor. 

It does not cost much to make; all you need is enough soil space, cement, and a willingness to create.

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Idea #16

A small pool idea does not have to be rustic only budget-friendly; in fact, it can be quite beautiful and modern. To achieve this outcome, you must first see space for possibility anywhere, even in your tiny backyard.

This small pool idea features a pool that forms a part of the backyard in a series of steps. You can climb into the pool and still be in touch with your house. This way, it efficiently utilizes available space for a much more affordable rate.

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Idea #17

Why stop at just making a small pool, especially if you have a fairly larger backyard space when you can make a pool house as well. This is so that you can lounge in the pool and outside of it.

This idea does not need to work; you can convert your tool shed into a very portable pool house. This very affordable swimming pool hack will save you money and help you utilize your space to the fullest.

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Idea #18

This is another example of maximizing your space and making difficult situations work in your favor. In this small pool idea that won’t hurt your budget, we see a brilliant use of backyard space fashioned into a plunge pool! Amazing!

The size of it might be discouraging at first, but as they say, still waters run deep, and that is very true for this mini plunge pool.

So, don’t be discouraged when you don’t have as much space; this pool idea is proof that you can get your wish for a small pool of your own.

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Idea #19

In this pool idea, the intention was to be chic and modern. We see a subtle yet intentional combination of what feels like a patio or a reimagined gazebo housing the pool itself.

This means the whole structure was made with pallet wood, and they fitted the pool itself was fitted within it. This is a truly brilliant and cost-effective way to make a small pool without taking up so much space in your backyard.

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Idea #20

Last and certainly not least, we have a really beautiful small pool idea on a budget for your viewing pleasure. 

This one utilizes inexpensive but stylish materials to pull off a true masterpiece. It features deep blue tiles that line up the interior of the pool. The pool itself is a below-ground, circular design, allowing it to use up as little space as possible.

The top of this below-ground pool has a nice and firm wooden structure that frames it, centering it amidst the whole backyard aesthetic.

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Swimming is a legitimate life skill, a form of exercise, and a means to connect with mother nature. But it can also be a way to relax, lounge, and simply unwind. With small pools that don’t have as much room to swim long laps, this means their primary utility will be that of lounging.

Pools can be quite a burden on your pocket to make, maintain and own. But with the right materials, time, a sense of creativity, and a strong guiding hand (which I, of course, offer), you can make do with your small slice of pool heaven right there in your backyard.