15 Teenage Gamer Bedroom Ideas

The tech industry is getting more relevant and booming. The gaming industry is one industry that seems to be moving with the tide.

With the impressive games on the market today, gamers are expanding in numbers by the day. There are enough games for everyone, regardless of your interests. 

While the sophisticated technology might be getting the headlines, the gaming space is also a sight to behold. To every gamer, their bedroom is a sacred space, and this is so because their space determines what the gaming experience will look like.

Gamers’ bedrooms should be designed carefully and thoughtfully; comfort is essential.

Below are 15 teenage gamer bedroom ideas to make your bedroom super classic and conducive.

  1. Gaming Furniture

To have a great gaming experience, make sure you have comfy furniture. Usually, gamers want an oversized comfortable couch to crash on after gaming; nothing stops you from designing your entire furniture just for you. It would be best to have a bean bag, a gaming chair with enough massage in the cushioning, a gaming desk. The beauty of all this furniture is less about the furniture itself but more about the positioning; you want to ensure the table is well placed.

You also need lightning to change up the appearance of the room and maybe a coffee table to make it all complete. 

  1. Cool Decorations


Some gamers prefer simple designs with cool posters, while some prefer their designs elaborate and fanciful. Decals and customized stickers are a great way to add some personal feel to your gaming bedroom regardless of what you want. Usually, these kits come in diverse colors and blend perfectly with a black background. 

You can easily apply them on any surface without your room getting too messy. Moreover, it allows a seamless clean-up after. Another option you can opt for is designer 3D wall decor; in fact, you can create an amazing illusion when viewed correctly.

  1. Comfortable Lighting

What’s a design without proper lighting? It would be best to have your room well-lit to bring your design to life. However, to not hurt your eyes after long hours of gameplay, the lights shouldn’t be that bright; they need to be dim. Some good examples of light you can go for are designer lamps and chandeliers; they give enough light to brighten your room and are not too demanding to hurt your eyes. 

Some colorful LED lights can add more vibrant contrast and be set to blink in sync with the game you are playing. 

  1. Audio soundproofing for Personal Space

The beauty of gaming relies on the realism of the audio tracks. The sound of loud gunfire in Modern Combat and PUBG or the frictional noise of the car wheels in Asphalt makes the game more engaging, but sometimes, that can be too much of a noise, especially to your peace-loving neighbors. Soundproofing is designed to solve this problem.

Some paneling or rubber lining on the window and the door can come in handy and help keep your gaming sound to the confines of your bedroom. You will get more than soundproofing and replicate the amazing game station experience if correctly done.

  1. Choosing the appropriate home theater system

The best gaming experience comes from your screen and, more importantly, your gadgets. Now that you have soundproof fixed, you have all the room to yourself to enjoy the beautiful soundtrack of your favorite video game. The surround sound, the high-definition TV set, and advanced game consoles contribute to the best gaming experience.

Therefore, when selecting your home theatre system, pay attention to the entire room, the entertainment unit, the speakers, and the connections you have available at your disposal.  

  1. Selecting the wall decor

Your wall decor is your best way to display several of your favorite games and franchise. Your first option will be to hang some of your priced collectibles, and the second option will line your walls with some impressive gaming wall art. 

For the wall arts, just like wall stickers, you can combine different games and create an all-encompassing effect. One of the four walls can be draped with Marvel Universe wall art, while other walls could be for DC wall art. Moreover, you can display some nice and funny words on the wall. It’s your gaming room, so design it as you see fit. 

  1. Custom Frames

Another idea is getting your room designed with your favorite game or franchise. You could even go for murals. Usually, every gamer has a customized wallpaper of their favorite game characters and murals. Such things make your gaming bedroom cool, impressive, and relaxing. 

The wallpapers could be pictures, print images offline, or maybe just a graphic illustrator, and for the murals, some stores sell them ready and affordable; check those stores for better information on the best one for you. 

  1. Custom Made Bedding

Let’s talk about your beddings. There are different color options you can choose from; preferably, it should blend with the color of your room design. Interestingly, there are now quite a few stores that sell customized beddings. This way, you can choose your favorite color and game character to be on the bedding. 

This gives you the chance to directly project any picture from the internet on your bed sheets and pillowcase. There are many licensed stores you can always walk in to get your custom-made beddings. 

  1. Framed artwork.

Still, on having your room customized to your preference, a framed artwork on the wall will make your room more appealing and cool. You could have your photos on the wall or images of your favorite video game series or franchise. There are quite a handful of options to choose from; even if it’s a picture of your favorite movie star, you have it all at your disposal. 

Just walk into a licensed store and choose your favorite framed artwork. 

  1. Gaming Posters and Prints

It’s all about ideas for your gaming bedroom; game posters and prints are other options that further make your bedroom look even more like the gamer you are. In fact, you don’t just need game posters and prints in your bedroom only; you could have a few pasted on your living room walls. 

But if you don’t want them in your living room, you should have them in your bedroom. This way, you can completely immerse yourself in your gaming world. The internet is filled with many options: your favorite game stars, designs of your favorite game, etc. And if you are the type that likes something more unique, some stores sell custom-made paraphernalia, which you can imprint on a poster and hang in your bedroom. 

  1. Bright Room Setup with DIY Desk

Gamers spend a lot of time in front of their screens, so it’s natural to make sure you have enough desk space to store the essentials. If you don’t like investing in new furniture, consider a DIY solution, like using multiple metal shelves to build a rugged gaming station.

  1. Decorate the Room with Plants

Plants bring calmness and freshness, which, of course, is needed at some point during gaming. Arranging plants in some key places in your gaming bedroom can help add some warmth and freshness. Moreover, with the right plants, you will get more than just warmth and freshness as plants also produce some very lovely smell that keeps the designs in your room together. 

Some plants also make excellent night lights, especially if you use LED lights in your room; you should consider having some brightly colored plants.

  1. Convenience

Although gamers don’t necessarily need a fridge in their bedroom, it’s never a bad idea if you have one for yourself. It’s all about convenience and comfortability. You could store some drinks, beverages, foods inside. Snacks and beverages are an important part of a gamer’s life. Hence, you need somewhere to keep them cool and edible while enjoying your video game. 

  1. A place for your geeky collectibles

One common thing to all gamers is they love collectibles of their favorite video games. Having Batman or Ironman figurines is priceless. Or is it the special edition of Game of Thrones sword? Who wouldn’t want that? All these are exquisite and impressive. If you are a lover of collectibles, you need a place to keep them.  

The Darth Vader sitting in the corner, the Yoba bobblehead nodding in sync with the tune of your favorite game, etc., will add to the aesthetics of your room decor; they are inspirational, motivational, and your pride and joy. Keep them safe. 

  1. DIY Gaming Space For Your Bachelor Pad

Building the ultimate gaming bedroom is all about balancing between classy and nerdy. This simple and easy DIY desk and computer setup is modern and clean and houses all the essentials. This gaming living room has everything you need, from double monitors to a sound system and comfortable chair without jeopardizing its primary purpose. 

Now, that’s a wrap on our shortlist of ideas to design your gaming bedroom. With these ideas, you can be sure to create your perfect gaming room without missing out on any detail.

featured image source: pinterest