Best Temporary Bed Ideas For Guests

Having guests over might be a huge hassle when living in a small home and having no extra guest bedroom.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that you won’t welcome them with joy.

If you want to provide your guests a comfortable spot for a good night’s sleep but don’t have enough space, we have you covered.

In this post, you will find the best temporary bed ideas for any budget!

DIY daybed

If you are feeling creative enough to take on a DIY project and save money, this is the best choice for you. A DIY daybed consists of pillows and a custom-made casing to create a comfy mattress without costing much money. If you are good at sewing, this is an excellent project for you. Sew a case for three or four pillows and turn it into a comfy bed for your guests. You can simply remove the pillows and tuck them in your closet when not in use.

Folding sleeping mats

Not everyone has enough space to store a whole mattress. If you frequently have guests over, you can get one of the practical folding mattresses. While it is comfy enough to provide a good night’s sleep, the intelligent design allows folding for easy storage. When your guests leave, you can tuck the mattress in the closet until the next visit.

Floor cushions

Floor cushions are a cozy addition to your home decor that provides additional seating space. The low profile seating is characteristic of relaxed styles such as Boho or Moroccan. In addition, the cozy and comfy cushion is one of the temporary bed ideas that don’t cost a lot. Stack two cushions to achieve height and mimic the bed-like feel.

Sofa bed

A sofa that turns into a bed is a brilliant addition to your home. The multifunctional piece of furniture provides seating during the day and can be turned into a comfortable bed for your guests during the night. However, they tend to be more costly when compared to other temporary bed ideas. However, the double purpose of the sofa bed will make it up for the price. 

Mattress daybed

A daybed will provide extra seating during the day and a comfy spot for your afternoon nap. On the other hand, it will turn into a cozy guest bedroom. If buying an actual daybed doesn’t fit your budget, you can make it yourself. All you need to do is stack two mattresses for height and comfort. We recommend placing them in a corner, so the mattress stays stable and doesn’t slip. Enhance the daybed with lovely bedding and cozy throws, and let it become part of your decor.

Air bed

An air bed is another excellent space-saving solution to consider. Before your guests come, all you need to do is inflate the mattress and add bedding and cozy blankets. When you no longer need the bed, you will deflate it and tuck it into your storage. Some of them even come with a self-inflating system so that you will have the bed set up within minutes. Therefore, this is an excellent idea if you have a small home and don’t have guests over frequently. Being available in different sizes and materials, you can always find the right fit for your budget. Cheaper air beds will provide cozy accommodation for your overnight guests. However, you can invest in a high-quality air mattress if you want to use it frequently. 

Pallet bed

If you want to turn that empty room into a temporary guest bedroom, use pallets as an affordable material to create a cozy bed. You have the freedom to create a bed size that matches your needs. For a queen bed, you can use four pallets. If you only need a single bed for one guest, two pallets will do fine. Always make sure to use safe pallets that have no cracks. You can also paint them over to better fit your decor theme. Lay a comfy mattress on top and give your guests a cozy accommodation that they will love. As a bonus, you can add string lights at the base for a magical effect. 

Futon bed

A futon bed consists of a folding mattress that can easily roll and be put away in the morning. According to the Japanese tradition, sleeping closer to the earth will ground your energy. The futon bed is a mattress that you can unroll in the evening and create a comfy bed in no time. When the guests leave, you will roll up the mattress and store it until the next visit. Even though the traditional futon bed lies on the ground, modern versions come with frames and other stylish additions to become an everyday bed.


If you live in a small home, you might not have enough space for a sleeper sofa. When you need a versatile solution that fits your style and space, a bed-in-a-box is the ideal pick. This type of temporary bed comes in the form of a stylish ottoman and can be made into a guest bed whenever you want. The compact piece can be placed anywhere in the home, adding a decorative touch and a comfy spot for seating.

Sleeper chaise

A modern lounger is an excellent addition to your living room. However, it is best to consider the multifunctional approach when buying new pieces of furniture. Play smart and get a stylish sleeper chaise that can quickly transform into a single bed for your overnight guests. 

Folding guest bed

A folding bed consists of a foldable frame and mattress, resembling the functionality of a traditional bed. However, the compact design is easy to store when you don’t need the bed. The folding bed is an excellent temporary solution for overnight guests that don’t take up much of your precious space. You can easily tuck it inside a cabinet when not in use.