15 Temporary Door Ideas For Hallways

If you think your home needs privacy but don’t have an extensive budget for home remodeling, a temporary door can solve this.

With a little bit of creativity, you can find a solution that works for your space.

In this post, here are 15 temporary door ideas to make your hallways feel more private.

Make sure to go through them all and find an option that matches your needs!

1. Tapestry

With so many temporary door ideas, you can always find an ideal fit for your budget. If you get creative enough, you can turn the tapestry into a room divider. You can easily install a curtain rod and hang a gorgeous tapestry that matches your style. Patterned fabric will bring the Boho-chic vibe into the space while serving its initial purpose.

2. Beaded curtain

Beaded curtains used to be very popular, as they are a cheap and stylish way to divide the space. Even though they don’t provide the maximum level of privacy, they are still considered a budget-friendly and attractive option. The beads are available in different sizes, colors, and materials so that you can choose the best fit for your existing color scheme. 

3. Accordion doors

An accordion door might not be the easiest and cheapest solution for the temporary door ideas, but it can be convenient. The accordion doors easily open and close while providing maxim privacy in your home. 

4. Privacy screen

Suppose you are looking for another versatile option that will bring style to the space, consider the Japanese-style room dividers. They consist of a wooden frame lined with fabric to provide the utmost privacy. The structure can be easily assembled and placed anywhere you want.

5. Sliding barn door

Barn style doors will bring charm to your home with their unique appearance. This is one of the temporary door ideas that provides privacy and blocks the sounds. The sliding mechanism is very convenient, as it is easy to install. Also, it is ideal for small spaces where you can’t install doors that swing-out.  

6. Roman shades

When looking for temporary door ideas, keep in mind that you are free to get creative. In this case, you can use Roman shades as a space divider. With easy installation, they can become a convenient option when you need privacy. Install the shades on the ceiling and roll them down whenever you need privacy. With being available in different styles, sizes, and colors, you can always find the best match for your needs.

7. Fabric sliding door

If you feel confident in your DIY skills, then making your own fabric sliding door will be a piece of cake. All you need to do is staple fabric onto a custom-made wooden frame. In this example, they installed plumbing pipes as a rod for easy sliding. Despite being cheap and easy, this sliding door looks very stylish. 

8. Curtain

A curtain can conceal a room and provide privacy. While it isn’t a soundproof option, it is an excellent choice as a temporary door that doesn’t cost much. You can install curtains halfway to conceal it if you don’t want the guest to see your easy kitchen when entering. To control the level of privacy, you can choose between sheer and thick materials. With so many styles available, you will find the correct fit for your requirements. 

9. Rolling door

When doors seem too expensive for your budget, you can get rolling doors. Rolling doors allow you to control the levels of privacy you need, and you can easily tuck them in the corner when you want. This creative solution comes with wheels for easy moving. This example shows you how they transformed the cheap thrift store find into gorgeous rolling doors for maximum privacy.

10. Bookcase

We have seen many bloggers using bookcases as a space divider. Therefore, it is one of the brilliant temporary door ideas that you can make with things you already have. A bookcase will provide additional storage space or a spot for displaying your fine collection while concealing your home. However, you can’t move the bookcase around like other temporary door solutions. 

11. Shoji sliding doors

The Shoji sliding doors are a common feature in Japanese homes but can be easily adapted to your style. The lightweight frame lined with rice paper is a convenient solution for any space, with a sliding mechanism to open and close the door. The sheer material provides privacy while not completely blocking the natural light.

12. Folding screen

Folding screens consist of a few panels which can be easily retracted. Despite serving their functionality, these screens can beautify the space with color, pattern, or texture. You have the freedom to move them around and customize your home layout to your liking. If you prefer natural and relaxed styles, you can get a woven folding screen to introduce texture. 

13. Decorative slats

While open-plan spaces are a huge trend, they lack privacy. If you don’t want everyone peeking into your home when you open the door, add decorative slats in the hallway. This simple and stylish addition will keep your home away from sight.

14. Sliding mirror door

Installing a door halfway might make the space feel cramped and small. However, here is a clever trick that will solve it. A mirror door is an excellent choice for small entryways, making them look roomy and spacious. The sliding door is an excellent idea for your next DIY project. 

15. Macrame curtain

If you feel crafty, then DIY macrame curtains can be your ideal weekend project. With being cost-effective and easy, the macrame curtain provides privacy without sacrificing your budget.