15 Different Types of Desks

Among all kinds of office furniture, desks have always been the most crucial element. Choosing the suitable desk for your office is not an easy task, mainly when so many options are available for you.

There is a desk for every room, person, and purpose. The market is full of desks which can be the real problem for people who need to find an excellent desk.

If you are not experienced in choosing desks, here are 15 types of desks to choose from.

Writing Desk

One of the most iconic types of desks is the writing desk. It is not just used for writing anymore; it’s often a place to put decorative items because it’s so pretty. The writing desk typically has a flat top and one or more drawers (for storing paper or other materials). It can also have shelves below its flat surface. It’s usually smaller than different types of desks, which is why it’s commonly used as a decorative piece in living rooms.

Computer Desk

Computer desks are the most common desks and the ones you’ll see most often in offices and homes. They’re made to fit a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, with an optional space for a printer. They can be small or large, but they all have in common that they’re flat surfaces with legs and, almost always, some sort of storage space beneath them.

Executive Desk

Executive desks are generally a large piece of furniture and the most expensive desk you can buy. They are designed to exude authority, wealth, and power and often feature intricate carvings or decorative features. For instance, an ornate executive desk might have an oversized, padded leather chair at the head of the desk and feature brass handles on the drawers. While an executive desk is typically practical in storage and workspace, it can also project a sense of the image.

Credenza Desk

A credenza desk is a type of desk with built-in drawers and cabinets. It is the only type of desk with drawers pre-installed on the desk. Credenza desks are often used as reception desks but can also be used as executive or writing desks. Its name comes from the Italian credere, which means “to believe” and is a reference to the fact that many credenza desks were used as places to store official documents that had been executed on behalf of a country or other governmental body.

Corner Desk

Corner desks are great for saving space in small offices. They fit snugly into any corner and can often be found with a file cabinet attached, making them a great storage solution for your office. Corner desks are perfect for a worker who likes to do their work in a corner. They’re also great for people who can figure out what kind of work you do when you sit at a desk that’s in a corner.

Secretary Desk

Secretary desks are the perfect workspace solution for small spaces with their signature desktop-overhanging-cabinet design. A cabinet offers plenty of room for storing books, files, and other office supplies, while the fold-down desktop allows you to make more room when you need it. Some secretary desks even come with extra drawers built right into the desktop. They are used by secretaries or other people who need a workspace but want to keep the handwriting process hidden from view. They work well for small spaces and often have a small cabinet for storage.

Wall-Mounted Desks

These desks are perfect for anyone who loves the look of a floating desk since they use wall-mounted metal brackets to hang from any wall in your space. Because they can be mounted or removed without having to drill holes into your wall, these wall-mounted desks make it super easy to change up the look of your home or office over and over again! Add in the fact that these desks fold up when you don’t need them, and you’ve got one seriously versatile desk style on your hands.

Roll-Top Desk

A roll-top desk is a large, wooden desk with a rolling cover made of hardwood slats. Most roll-top desks have built-in seating and storage areas. While styles vary greatly, they all share the same basic design of a slatted wood top that rolls down to close the desk, similar to a Venetian blind. This is great if you like to keep your work area clean just roll down the top of your desk, and everything will be neatly stored away until next time.

Adjustable Height Desks

Adjustable height desks are the most popular sit-to-stand desks on the market. You can easily transition from sitting to standing by pressing a button or turning a knob. The benefit of this is that you can spend more time standing and less time sitting, reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other health issues. If you’re not sure how tall a desk should be, an adjustable-height desk is perfect for you. It can fit any size and any style of work, so it’s great if you’ll be sharing your space with someone else or need to stand/sit throughout the day.

Trestle Desk

The Trestle Desk is the perfect desk for someone who likes a minimalist look and appreciates durability. It consists of a large, flat surface supported by two trestle legs. The trestle design is unique because it allows the desk to move around a room or outside quickly. The Trestle Desk is also ideal for those who need space to work with large pieces of paper. Unlike other desks, you don’t have to worry about bending over or hunching your back when using the Trestle Desk.

Butler’s Desk

The butler’s desk, also known as a valet desk or servant’s desk, is usually a small portable box with drawers and a hinged top. It was designed by butlers to store valuables in their masters’ homes. Some butler’s desks were made in pairs and were intended to match small tables. Others were made from old boxes, such as snuffboxes adapted to store valuables. Many butler’s desks contained secret compartments where valuables could be hidden from thieves.

Coffee Table Desk

As the name suggests, this is a desk that appears to be a coffee table at first glance. However, these unique desks can lift and convert into full-sized desks. Coffee table desks are great for small spaces with no room for both a traditional desk and a coffee table. If you love to work from your couch, the coffee table desk is perfect for you! These desks do tend to cost more than your average desk, depending on the style you choose.

Bedside Desk

A bedside desk is a perfect solution for those who tend to work from their beds or those without much space in their bedrooms. These desks are typically mounted on the wall and allow you to work from your bed, eliminating the need for you to sit upright at a desk all day. They’re also great for people who live in small apartments or dorms and don’t have much space to spare. Bedside desks are a great way to make your room look more professional, and they provide a convenient place for you to use your laptop or read a book.

Lectern Desk

This is a desk with a standing-height surface ideal for lecterns and orators. Lectern desks are generally used in public speaking venues, such as lecture halls and auditoriums, where the speaker benefits from an elevated platform. This type of desk can be customized to meet your needs. The lectern desk can accommodate your existing lectern or podium with the right-sized standing height surface. The design will also consider any cables and electronics that may be required for public speaking events.

Telephone Desk

Telephone Desks are desks with drawers on either side of the kneehole. These desks were trendy during the second half of the 19th Century. The reason for this type of desk to be designed was because telephones were becoming popular and needed a place to be stored. This is why you still find telephone desks, with holes in them, in people’s kitchens! In a way, these desks are stylish and practical, but if you are looking for more storage and drawer space, these types of desks may not be for you.


Arguably, the best desks are those that you can either construct yourself or re-purpose an old table. Investing in a tailor-made desk is not necessarily always the best option. As long as the desk suits your needs and has enough room for your hardware, then it might just be worth buying instead of creating one from scratch. However, if you don’t have the money to invest in a custom-made desk, it is still possible to create a functional desk by utilizing durable materials like wood and steel. In addition, consider choosing furniture that has movability so that your desk can be placed in accordance with how much space you have available.