15 Types of Interior Design Styles

Creating the home of your dreams can be pretty challenging, as you need to navigate through the different interior design styles. When working with an interior designer, defining your wishes and naming your preferred style is essential.

We have the solution for you if you aren’t sure which style to stick with. This post features the most popular interior design styles together with an explanation. Once you go through them, you will know which style suits your preferences.

So let’s go through them together and choose your favorite! 

1. Traditional

Although a traditional style might sound outdated, in reality, it isn’t. This specific style is mainly influenced by European styles. The most common characteristics are warm color palettes that make the space look more inviting. You will notice creamy whites and gold finishes. Wood is the primary material used, adding a touch of luxury. If you prefer a space that looks elegant and has riches with detail, then this style is for you. The furniture used is elegant, and the silhouette is oversized. Floral patterns are commonly used to add a decorative touch in the form of wallpaper or accents. 


2. Modern

The modern style dates back to the 1920s and has specific characteristics. It is mainly confused with contemporary styles, but they aren’t the same. Contemporary refers to the current trends and is more fluid. On the other hand, modern is a specific style with clearly defined characteristics. If you appreciate clean lines and a streamlined look, this style might be the right choice. The style accentuates functionality and a clutter-free environment. Metal, wood, and glass are the most commonly used materials to bring a modern vibe to the space. 


3. Contemporary

As we already explained, contemporary reflects the current trends in interior style. This specific style is prone to changes, as it keeps updated with the current trends. However, we can say that it favors simplicity and clean lines. Neutral colors such as white, cream, black and brown dominate the contemporary color schemes. The furniture is simple, with exposed legs for an airy look that doesn’t overwhelm the space. The style highlights the importance of open spaces that feel light. 


4. Transitional

When traditional feels too outdated for your taste, but you will want to keep certain elements, go for transitional. This style gathers the best of traditional and contemporary, creating an updated version. The color palette is kept neutral, and mirrors are often used as decor. The furniture has moderate curves and clean lines to make a balanced combination of the two styles. You can note the deliberate use of subtle patterns as a way to create visual statements. 


5. Industrial

The industrial style is a popular trend and can easily be mixed with other similar styles that have common characteristics. It dates back to the industrial era when concrete and metal were the most commonly used materials. Nowadays, exposed concrete walls are a signature of this style. The industrial style is known for favoring raw materials and unfinished textures. You will notice visible pipes, while exposed brick walls are a signature aesthetic. The furniture is large and bulky, often made of wood or metal. The tufted leather sofa is commonly used for industrial living rooms. 


6. Boho

If you love a vibrant and relaxed look, then the Boho style would perfectly fit your needs. This style adds cheerfulness to the space with an abundance of colors and patterns. At the same time, it brings a touch of warmth with wooden elements. The macrame details and colorful tapestry are some ways to add a finishing touch to Bohemian interiors. The style embraces unique pieces, so you will often find Boho lovers searching for them in thrift shops and flea markets. Don’t forget that this style embraces maximalism with a richness of colors and patterns. 


7. Rustic

The rustic style embraces the use of natural elements, creating a cozy and inviting setting. The unfinished wooden texture present in the form of reclaimed wood brings visual interest. At the same time, the wood adds a touch of warmth. The style is popular across townhouses but in urban residential areas as well. A stone accent wall would be the perfect way to make a statement in a rustic home. A color palette of earthy tones will complement the setting, matching the natural elements to perfection. 


8. Minimalist

Minimalism is the right pick for you when you aren’t keen on maximalist styles. This style features streamlined aesthetics and clean lines. The clutter-free surfaces give the space room to breathe. The riches of detail might overwhelm you, so minimalist styles offer a clean environment. Monochromatic color schemes work best for such styles, which prefer the use of white as a color that opens up the space. The furniture is sleek and comes with a streamlined design, and often has a double purpose. Also, furnishings are kept to a minimum to keep the functionality of the space. This style is commonly implemented in small spaces as a way to make them feel roomier. 


9. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style is specific to the Nordic countries, reflecting their lifestyles. We can describe it as a cozy minimalist space with a plate of light. The interior style enhances the natural light since it is pretty scarce there. The Scandi style shapes similar traits to the minimalist, emphasizing clean lines and clutter-free surfaces. The light colors make the space feel roomier. Through the use of natural textures, the area looks inviting and cozy. You can notice warm wood tones, fluffy rugs, and woven baskets for storage. 


10. Coastal

If you love the sea and everything related, the coastal style is ideal for your home. It brings the vacation vibe to your space all year round. A light and airy environment is the perfect base for setting up this style. The color scheme resembles the sea, mixing white, blue, and beige. However, you can go bold and go for navy and red as an alternative. The style would be ideal for your summer house, but you can also implement it in your home if you prefer cheerful and airy interiors. The decorative touches in the form of seashells, driftwood, and anchors will strengthen the decor theme. 


11. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a timeless classic that is back in trend. The style borrows elements from the 50s, embracing natural and man-made materials to create a cozy setting. The furniture with slender legs is one of the signature features of this iconic style. The warm colors, simplicity, organic shapes, and sleek furnishings create a functional space. When it comes to the color scheme, consider vibrant primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue. 


12. Holywood regency

The unique style is bold and dramatic, inspired by the glamorous Hollywood interiors. We can describe the style as elegant and glamorous. It implements some elements of Art Deco, with an abundance of jewel tones to bring luxury vibes. A typical Hollywood glam interior includes french style furniture, a mirror, and golden details. Complemented with high-end finishes, the interiors look modern and glamorous. 


13. Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouses are a trendy interior design style, as you can see from the inspirations available on social media. The style features a curated mix of minimalism, rustic elements, and coziness, topped with charm. We can also say that it borrows some elements from the industrial style. A home with a high ceiling and wooden beams would be a typical representation of this style. The metal bar stools and metal baskets would also fit the vibe. 


14. Eclectic

We must state that the eclectic style isn’t for everyone. It is reserved for brave homeowners that don’t mind going bold and introducing a vivid combination in their interior. Through the use of colors and intriguing shapes, this style brings an artistic vibe to the space. A color scheme consisting of saturated colors will inject a dose of energy into the room. The style doesn’t mind having a few focal points at the same time since it is maximalist-oriented. 


15. Art deco

Art Deco is one of the bold styles in this list, featuring luxury and elegance in one. Originating from the 20s’, the style features ornate interiors in jewel tones. The sunburst mirror must brown the signature elements of this famous style. In addition, the golden details and maximalist approach are the signature features. An Art Deco interior gathers sleek forms and luxury touches.


After checking these trending interior design styles, you know which one is the best suited for your dream home. You can easily find inspiration online or convey your wishes to your interior designer. If you need more tips and inspiration, don’t mind following us!