20 Types of Picture Frames

Whether you want to display art, photos, or prints, finding the right frame is a crucial part of the process. With so many different types of picture frames, you might feel confused about finding the right fit for your project. In this post, we share the most popular types of picture frames. Make sure to go through them and find the right fit for your needs!

1. Floating frame

A floating frame will draw all the attention with its beauty. The picture is held between two pieces of glass or acrylic without any other visual distractions. This creates an effect of floating, ideal for a sleek and minimalist look.

2. Shadowbox

Unlike the other types of picture frames, a shadow box isn’t only for displaying photos. It is deep enough so that you can display objects, such as small souvenirs or collectibles. Therefore, a shadow box is an excellent choice if you want to show both images and memorable items. 

3. Decorative frame

If you want to add a dose of style to your home, a decorative frame is an ideal choice. With so many options available, you can always find the right fit for your style. They usually come adorned with 3D details for the best impact. 

4. Gallery frame

The gallery frame features a simple look, with an in-frame effect to put your favorite pictures in the spotlight. These frames are ideal if you want to create a curated gallery wall that fills the space with sophistication.

5. Collage frame

If creating a gallery wall means putting too much effort to make it work, you should get a collage frame. It is one piece consisting of a few frames, where you can display your precious photos. All you need to do is choose the pictures and hang the collage frame on the wall.

6. Deep-set frame

The deep-set is one of the types of picture frames to use if you want to introduce a dose of dimension to the space and the standard frames look too flat. The thick frame adds depth, casting shadows inside the frame. Despite being an excellent choice for hanging on walls, deep-set frames are perfect for layering on your curated shelving.

7. Document frame

If you want to hang documents such as certificates or diplomas, you should use a frame mainly intended for this purpose. The other types of picture frames might not suit this specific format, so you need to get a specially designed frame to hold your document. They usually come with minimalist frames so that they can flatter any office style.

8. Tabletop frame

Picture frames aren’t only meant to be hung on the walls. A tabletop frame is an excellent alternative to leaning frames when looking for a stable solution that will stay in place. The tabletop frame is ideal for displaying your family photos and adding a bit of personality to your home.

9. Digital frames

Digital frames are devices that allow you to display photos in digital format. You will need to insert a memory stick with the desired photos in most cases. You can choose to upload one image and have it on display all the time. If you can’t pick only one picture, feel free to create a slideshow of the best selection of images.

10. Floor frames

Leaning pictures against the wall has become a massive trend in home decor. Therefore, oversized frames leaning on the wall are desirable in modern styles. You can quickly move the frame from one place to another if you want to switch up the home decor.

11. Photo holder

Unlike the other types of picture frames, a photo holder doesn’t have actual frames. The design consists of a decorative piece with an opening where you can display a single photo. Or, it might come with a clip so that you can attach the picture. 

12. Oval frames

While the modern frames tend to be square or rectangular, you can choose a slightly different option. Oval frames feature a classy and traditional vibe and are often ornate with decorative details. However, the only drawback is that you must cut the picture to fit the oval shape. 

13. Modern frame style

A modern frame features a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The simple thin frames come in neutral colors so that they won’t overpower the masterpiece. The frame lets the picture become the center of attention, allowing it to stand out with grace.

14. Poster frame

A poster frame comes in the right size to display your favorite poster. Taping a poster to the wall may result in color fading over time due to exposure to light. Therefore, a poster frame will protect the print and save it for years to come. 

15. Hanging frame

Hanging frames are meant to be secured onto a wall, so they come with special hooks. This simple addition makes it easy to decorate the walls and display your fine pieces.

16. Leaning frame

Leaning frames are trendy in modern home decor. The best thing is that you don’t need to install them in one place. A leaning frame can be used to anchor your mantel or bring a decorative touch to your dresser. 

17. Frame set

As we already mentioned, creating a gallery wall can be challenging. Finding frames that match in a cohesive setting is very difficult. Therefore, make sure to buy a frame set if you want to create a DIY gallery wall to spruce up your home. 

18. Crystal frame

The delicate piece is an excellent addition to your elegant home decor. Also, it is an ideal choice for displaying important family photos and precious memories. 

19. Custom-made frames

Sometimes you might not find the right fit in stores. If you work with a specific piece, the standard sizes won’t match your needs. Therefore, you will need to order a custom-made frame for your project. 

20. Snap frame

Snap frames allow you to change the pictures thanks to the convenient mechanism easily. They come with a front-loading feature, so you can easily switch the image even when the frame is hanging on the wall.