15 Walk-Ins Welcome Sign Ideas

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Walk-ins are people coming in for your services without an appointment. Opening your shop or office without any walk-ins sign puts passersby who need your services in confusion, and they tend to walk away. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a walk-in welcome sign for your clients or customers so they can know you are available and active for the services you provide. Today, we will show you some exciting and creative walk-in welcome signs you can utilize for your business.

Benefits of walk-ins welcome sign.

The best place to put your walk-ins sign is slightly above eye level and open space of heavy foot traffic. Before we explain the creative walk-ins sign ideas, it’s essential to know the following benefits of walk-in welcome signs:

  • Attract people to your business: Passersby are busy walking to various destinations. But you can quickly increase your income by putting your attractive walk-in welcome sign slightly above the eye level so passersby can quickly know that you are available for them and decide to come in for your services.
  • Increase people’s interest to come in for your service: Walk-ins sign is not just to be creative, but it has to attract people’s interest to your business. It’s advisable to use a word or sentence to describe what you offer so people can come for your service.
  • Advertise your business: Another benefit of the walk-in welcome sign is advertising your business. Advertising your business with your walk-ins sign lets your brand get too many people. You can also decide to use a logo to represent your brand, so they know it’s your business whenever anyone sees the logo.
  • Dominate your location: Having a walk-ins sign lets you dominate your location with popularity.

Walk-Ins Welcome Sign Ideas

Walk-ins welcome signs have to be creative and attractive. The following are some walk-ins welcome sign ideas you can use for your business:

1. Creative Café walk-ins welcome sign

As a café owner, you can easily use a black and white walk-in welcome sign for your café. Use white chalk on a blackboard with fine bold handwriting to make your welcome sign aesthetic and viewable. 

Use light yellow or brown to draw a coffee cup to denote your business and coffee. Vary the writing by using italic and bold signs for attractive viewing. Use a white or brown border as a frame to make it more appealing. You can also decide to print it on semi-gloss poster paper after designing with computer software. 

2. Custom cyclic coffee or tea shop welcome sign

Another design for a coffee or tea shop owner is the cyclic walk-ins welcome sign. Print the welcome sign on a cyclic metallic mounting hardware with a cyclic head and erect it outside your café to get more customers coming in for coffee or tea. You can decide to make the circle 11-15″ in diameter, depending on the wildness you want.

You can decide to use different colors depending on your choice of creativity. You can also decide to use a computer to design the walk-in welcome sign and print it out on acrylic paper and paste it on the glass of your café’s entrance.

3. Rustic horticulturist décor 

As a horticulturist, you can decide to use these simple walk-ins welcome sign ideas to create this simple horticulturist’s welcome design. Use a 6 x 11″ or 8 x 11.5″ wood and paint it black acrylic paint. Use bright white acrylic paint to write “welcome” or any other attractive word. Make your writing visible and attach a beautiful flower beside the welcome sign to denote horticulture. Hang final walk-ins welcome sign with a chain or rope to attract many plant lovers

4. Simple eat metal wall sign

Simple eat metal wall sign is a perfect walk-ins sign for your restaurant or eatery; if you are a fan of the simple yet informative style, then copy this style for your eatery or restaurant. Depending on how visible you want your design, get a 20 x 20″ or 15 x 15″ metal plate and print any attractive, welcome design on it. Use a screw and screw it into the wall of your eatery or restaurant entrance to welcome people.

5. Retro walk-ins welcome sign.

If you are a stylistic person who has a passion for fashion and color combo, this is the perfect walk-ins welcome sign. You can use this style in your supermarket to welcome passersby anytime.

You can easily design this retro sign idea on your computer and print it out or use a combination of different paints to give this artistic outcome.

6. Creative laundryman walk-ins welcome sign

If you are a laundryman and you love creativity, use this creative idea to create a walk-ins welcome sign to make people come for your dry-cleaning service. Use ¼” plywood if you are attaching the walk-ins sign on your shop wall and if you are using a wood stand outside your shop, use a ¾” plywood. Use paint to design an attractive walk-ins welcome sign for people who need your services and generate more income.

7. Concrete walk-ins welcome sign.

If you have a big company with massive buildings and are thinking of getting walk-ins welcome sign to match your company’s status, this concrete welcome sign is the perfect choice for you.

To utilize this concrete idea for your company, get engineers to erect a robust concrete of height 5 feet and choose a wildness of your choice. Get designers to help you design walk-ins welcoming design. You can also put your services to make people know what you offer 

8. Artistic welcome sign idea

As an artist, you can use this welcome sign to make people know how creative and talented you are in your drawing and painting. You can get a 15″ cyclic board and show your skills. You can protect the surface of your drawing with a protective coating from the effect of weather and put it outside your studio to welcome people to your studio

9. Colorful walk-ins welcome sign

You can decide to use these creative and colorful walk-in welcome signs to generate more customers and income. Just combine different colors that go together and make it attractive and bold.

You can decide to use a wooden frame for this design and screw it into the entrance of your business place.

10. Movable two-faced design

If you have a tattoo studio where you want to create awareness for people to come in anytime they want for your service, you can utilize this design. You can create the portable two-faced design from wood or metal plate and have excellent written content on it to invite tattoo lovers to your studio.

11. Hearth of love walk-ins welcome sign.

If you are a love and family counselor, you can utilize this walk-ins welcome ideas by putting this craft décor in front of your office entrance. This sign requires creativity in beads décor. To create the sign, cut plywood in love shape and cover it with an attractive clotting material. Use white beads to craft out the welcome design. You can also decide to put a clothing ribbon for beautification.  

12. Pendant walk-ins welcome sign.

If you decide to use a pendant walk-ins welcome sign, you will get the advantage of having a more extensive viewing range for your business. Passersby in the car and in a walking way tend to see the welcoming invite of your business from a distant place, and before getting to your location, they might have decided to come in for your service.

To create one pendant walk-ins welcome sign for yourself, get thick plywood, write something extraordinary and hang it with a chain or a rope.

13. Sticker welcome sign

If your shop or office is made of transparent, strong building glasses, choose this walk-ins to welcome sign for your business. All you need is to get a glossy sticker paper of any color and craft out any welcoming word and paste it inside the glass for passersby to see.

14. Blackboard walk-ins welcome design

If you are a stylist and you like a moveable and low-budget walk-in welcome design, this blackboard walk-in welcome design is the best choice for you. Get plywood of 4 feet in height and 1.5 feet wide. Make a wooden border of 1″ for the plywood and paint it black for a factual background. Use different color combo to write out attractive and welcoming words for people to come in for your services.

15. High-quality vinyl decal welcomes sign.

If you are not creative in doing any of the ideas above, you have the choice of getting a high-quality vinyl sticker and pasting it on your glass door to attract people to your business. Vinyl decals are available in different colors and designs. 


Walk-ins welcome signs are advantageous when you put them in a heavy foot traffic place and at a high level. You get many customers coming for your services, and you generate robust income with just a walk-in welcome sign. You have several ideas given above on creating any walk-in welcome sign for your business to drive traffic to your business. Always use a bold and readable letter for your walk-ins welcome words and a material that can withstand any weather condition.