Dark Bathroom Ideas – 15 Inspiring Dark Bathrooms You Will Love

A bathroom isn’t only considered for this main functionality. The space is now regarded as a reflection of your unique interior style.

Adding dark colors will work for your needs if you prefer moody vibes. You can always find the right fit for your style with so many dark bathroom ideas.

Whether you choose a moody dark wallpaper, black matte tiles, or dark green hues, there is a way to make it work for your space.

This post shares the best ideas for implementing dark colors in your bathroom. Make sure to go through them all and find your favorite! 

1. Dark gray vanity bathroom ideas

If you aren’t feeling confident to go bold and introduce an all-dark design, you can start with small steps. Adding a dark gray vanity to your bathroom is an excellent way to introduce dark color without overdoing it. If you’re keen on DIY projects, you can repaint your vanity in a chalky dark gray color. With this, you will test the vibe and see if it suits your desired mood. 

2. Dark brown vanity bathroom ideas

When black and gray don’t seem a good fit for your particular style, you can always go for dark brown. The color is dark enough to create a moody ambiance but still has that touch of warmth. The rich dark wood color adds luxury while being completed by the patterned backsplash. 

3. Dark blue

A dark blue color is ideal for the ones looking for a dark color choice but still wish to keep the vibrance. The deep blue tone adds extravagance to this bathroom design, while the other elements are kept simple. The brass hardware ideally complements the vibe, introducing a luxurious feature that completes the theme. 

4. Dark green

The stylish shower conveys moody vibes while still looking elegant. The dark green wall tiles vary slightly in color and texture for a unique effect. A rich green tone is another excellent choice if you prefer dark colors. The wood ceiling breaks down the look with its warmth. On the other hand, the brass fixtures add an elegant element to this bold design. The access to natural light highlights the beauty of the tiles and prevents the dark colors from making the space feel cramped. 

5. Dark wood floor

A dark wood floor will elevate the style and add a touch of warmth. The natural unfinished texture of the wood will add an organic element to your bathroom. On the other hand, the dark color will add the desired moody vibes. We love how this design achieves the perfect contrast between the dark faux wood tiles and the subway wall tile. 

6. Dark cabinets

A dark gray cabinet with a matte finish is ideal for your bathroom. It is an excellent fit for modern styles that crave a dose of visual touch. The patterned flooring tiles highlight the beauty of this dark cabinet, while the marble countertop adds visual elements. 

7. Black tiles 

When you don’t feel like filling the bathroom with a dark color, you can start with the shower. Introduce attractive dark tiles to accentuate the shower area and add depth to the design of the bathroom. The herringbone tile pattern adds a dose of visual touch, breaking down the dark look. The gorgeous dark gray color is too close to black but still has that chalky touch. The marble flooring tiles will perfectly complement this setting, followed up by glass doors to let their beauty stand out. 

8. Black tub

Although dark colors are associated with modern styles, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can always manage to fit in black, regardless of your bathroom style. We love the combination of retro and moodiness in this bathroom design. This is one of the dark bathroom ideas to consider if you are looking for a concept that includes charm. The wainscoting breaks down the look, while the black walls make the space feel more intimate. The retro tub adds charm, and the greenery helps achieve the perfect balance. 

9. Luxury bathroom 

If you want to recreate the luxury resort feel in your bathroom, go for a combination of dark gray and faux wood tiles. The gray tiles have a stained appearance, similar to concrete. The wood grain adds a touch of warmth while enhancing the design with its texture. The sleek freestanding tub makes the sea appear more luxurious.

10. Bold dark bathroom

If you’re feeling bold enough, you can go a step forward and introduce an all-black look. It will look intriguing and luxurious while keeping the dramatic vibe you wish to achieve. However, the designers here used a few different features to break down the black look. The bathroom walls are painted in black color. The shower area is covered with marble tiles and stands out in its design. With patented flooring and an abundance of greenery throughout the house plants, this space looks moody but isn’t too visually heavy. 

11. Floral wallpaper

You might be advised to use light colors to make small spaces pop. Light colors disperse the light through the area, making it appear roomier. However, dark floral wallpaper is an ideal way to add moodiness to a powder room. We love how the bolt pattern adds character to the plain space. The herringbone tiles bring additional visual interest. Although small, this bathroom is packed with style thanks to the curated combination of elements and patterns. 

12. Herringbone tile 

This remarkable design adds depth to the bathroom, thanks to the gorgeous tiles. The walls are white, but the gray herringbone tiles can be from the flooring to a focal wall. This pattern naturally directs your gaze up, making bathrooms appear visually larger. The transparent shower enclosure makes the bathroom look more spacious while allowing you to appreciate the gorgeous tiles. 

13. Black tile design 

An all-black design will bring elegance and dramatic vibes. However, it might make a bathroom appear smaller. Feel free to embrace the dramatic look when your bathroom has a window. This bathroom features gorgeous black matte tiles arranged in a subway pattern. The access of natural light balances the darkness and highlights the beauty of the design features. The copper hardware adds a retro element while standing out against the black color with its shine. 

14. Retro design 

The attic bathroom features a unique design that you will love. The wainscoting comes in black color for adding drama. The walls are covered with elegant floral wallpaper for a retro look. The freestanding tub complements the vibe adding a dose of charm to this retro look. To break down the dark look, the designers added patterned flooring. The patterned rug adds a touch of warmth to the cold tiles, completing the design. 

15. Bronze and black 

The sleek bathroom design features a tasteful combination of bronze and black. The elements feature clean lines and a streamlined design. Using recessed lighting to add light to dark color schemes is one of the designer’s tricks that they won’t tell you. We love how they managed to create a mix of gorgeous dark colors while keeping it minimalist and modern.