How to Use Glass Blocks For Retro Look in Your Home

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Glass blocks were a popular trend in the 80s when they were implemented in many different ways. The transparent and textured surface is versatile enough to fit various styles, adding a unique touch with its beauty.

The blocks provide privacy while letting the natural light illuminate the space. Their sleek look can fit modern styles, so the trend is now back.

In addition, they are affordable and easy to install. The blocks are joined with mortar, but some types only need to be assembled. 

How to use glass blocks to make the space feel more open and brighter? This post features the best ways to introduce glass blocks to your home!

Why use glass blocks?

While they used to be a big trend, the designer world forgot about the glass blocks for a while. Now, they are having a huge comeback due to the many advantages they offer. They are available in different sizes and textures so that you can find the right fit for your needs.

The frosted surface brings privacy, while the visual opulence lets the natural light through. The best thing is that you can choose the level of transparency. Some of the block designs have a frosted surface for maximum privacy. Others have a clear glass front, ideal for projects where you want to add a touch of visual interest. 

The gorgeous glass blocks make a bold statement while fitting many styles. They can be used to create walls, windows, and room partitions without obstructing the light flow. This results in an airy and bright space that feels more open. 

Due to their versatility, you have plenty of options when it comes to implementation. How to use glass blocks tastefully in your home? In addition, we share design inspiration and tips on how to decorate with glass blocks.

The comeback of glass blocks

Although the glass blocks had a major implementation back in the 80s, they are back to becoming a desirable design feature. Back then, this trend might have seemed a little off. While many might think that the glass blocks are a sign of a bad taste, you would want to think again. Many high-end designers featured glass blocks in their interiors, matching them with the other elements to perfection. You can still execute a tasteful design with modern and refined vibes. 

Room dividers 

Open-plan homes have been a huge trend lately. However, homeowners have struggled to introduce methods for enhancing privacy or creating a functional layout. Glas blocks will make the ideal room dividers. The opacity lets the natural light come through while still making a clear separation between different zones. You can use glass blocks as room dividers for studio apartments and open-plan homes. In addition, you can also use this design feature for creating zones within the room. We love how they managed to make the closet feel separated with the use of sleek glass blocks. The bedroom doesn’t have a walk-in closet, but the glass divider creates the perfect layout. 

Shower partition

If you want to make a gorgeous statement in the bathroom, a glass shower partition will do the trick. The frosted glass blocks will add privacy while introducing a touch of style to the otherwise plain space. You don’t necessarily have to use the blocks throughout the home for cohesiveness. Let the unique shower stand out with its beauty. Moreover, the sleek and refined design can perfectly complement retroelements.


The glass blocks are thicker than the windows, providing better insulation. Also, they are durable and easy to maintain. With a large window made of glass blocks, your home will feel bright and airy. While they let the daylight in, the blocks provide privacy. The opulent design will enhance the curb appeal, adding a unique touch. 

DIY bar

If you love entertaining at home with friends and family, a glass block bar is an ideal choice. This bar will become the central focus for your parties and gatherings and is pretty simple to complete. Bild a short wall and add a countertop over it to create a unique bar design. You can illuminate the glass blocks with colorful LED lights for the wow effect. Equip the bar with stools and accessories and enjoy good drinks with your friends. 

Kitchen backsplash

The glass blocks would make a great choice to enhance your kitchen backsplash. The gorgeous texture brings a contemporary feel, adding a touch of uniqueness to the design. We love how they used the glass blocks to make the kitchen feel more open and introduce natural sunlight. This feature makes the kitchen appear bright and airy when it doesn’t have large windows. 


Implementing glass blocks among the traditional bricks is one of the ways to make your house’s exterior stand out. On the other hand, the glass blocks will let natural light in. This step will make your foyer feel more inviting and cozy. The best thing is that the glass blocks are available in various colors, so you can find the exact fit for your needs. Muted colors will compliment modern and contemporary styles. Bold colors such as blue or yellow will introduce a pop of color and add an eccentric vibe. 


You can make your DIY decor with glass blocks if you feel crafty. Being cheap and available in any home improvement store, glass blocks are pretty popular among DIY enthusiasts. Feel free to unleash your creativity and add your signature touch to your home decor. The glass blocks are hollow, so use this to your advantage and add battery-operated string lights to create a gorgeous lantern. You can paint the glass block to customize your piece and create unique decor for your home. Knowing that the glass blocks are available in different colors, don’t mind going bold and introducing a lively feature in your home.