15 Ideas For Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Sitting areas in the master bedroom are beautiful and very functional. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, having all you need for your comfort. It would help if you had a designated area to relax and unwind with a good book or knitting kit at the end of the day. Fortunately, no matter your budget, you can create a fantastic sitting area with whatever size or layout of bedroom you have. 

If you need inspiration for your master bedroom sitting area, here are 15 master bedroom sitting area ideas that can work for you!

1. Abstract Sitting Area

An abstract sitting area lets you express your creativity. You can put a multi-functional ottoman or a little loveseat and as many pillows as necessary. Prop your feet up on the ottoman and relax in your sitting area. You can prop your chair against the wall and decorate the wall behind it with abstract painting, hanging wall art, or cute wallpaper.

It is easy to go overboard with abstract sitting, but remember that you do not want to make the sitting area the focal point of your bedroom. Keep things simple and cute with your abstract sitting area setup.

2. One-person Comfort Sitting

Instead of putting your chair in a cramped corner, keep it under the light. Position your sitting area slightly off the center of the room on an area rug with a nice ottoman and acute accent table. One-person comfort sitting makes for an ideal space to relax, read, or sit in silence. Ensure that you pick a chair that goes well with your room’s decor. A grey or beige-colored chair, for instance, will pair nicely with white or baby pink walls.

3. Workstation Sitting

Typically, most people do not like to set up a workstation in their bedroom because it distracts them from resting. However, a workstation sitting area is necessary for the creative who loves making art or writing at the end of a long day.

If you are struggling with a lot of background noise in the house and finding it difficult to focus on work, you can retreat into the safety of your bedroom and work there. When you are done working, your bed is only a few steps away for you to retreat to and relax.

4. Window Sitting

Take advantage of the beautiful view from your bedroom and create a sitting area. Window seats are great for relaxing while enjoying stunning natural views or lighting. Most window seats come with hidden compartments for drawers underneath the chairs, making them a practical solution if you need some extra storage space in your room.

You can choose wing-backed chairs in bright colors to make the area look bright and cheery while leaving the windows curtainless for the full effect. Window seats are one of the coziest and scenic sitting arrangements for a master’s bedroom.

5. Lounge Chair At The Foot Of Your Bed

If you have a narrow, long bedroom, maximize the space available at the foot of your bed to create a comfortable sitting area. This does not mean you need to be stuck with a boring small chair. You can add a single lounge chair to your modern master bedroom for a lovely chic look.

Chair lounges are also multi-functional and can be utilized for reading, napping, sleeping, or just good old lounging. Lounge chairs can also be moved easily and work well in a bigger bedroom space. 

6. Put A Rocking Chair In The Corner

The sitting area of your master bedroom can be simple yet beautiful. Incorporating a rocking chair into your bedroom decor is an excellent way to create a comfortable space for you to relax. Rocking chairs come in different shapes and sizes and are one of the most comfortable additions to any decor.

You can add pillows and a blanket, depending on the size of your chair, to make it even cozier. Position your rocking chair in the corner of the room that gets a lot of light to do various things – such as sewing, reading, or writing from the comfort of your chair.

7. Hang A Rattan Chair

Hanging rattan chairs are a stylish and fun way to bring some texture into your room. Hanging chairs generally go well with any space, and there are various them on the market today, from quirky to vintage.

Rattan chairs are an excellent alternative to plain chairs, and because they are ceiling-hung, hanging rattan chairs do not take up floor space. You can position a low shoe rack or drawer directly beneath your hanging rattan chair. Rattan chairs come in various styles, textures, and sizes, so you can choose the perfect chair to relax after a hard day at work. 

8. Boho Low sitting

Boho low-sitting is a replica of Moroccan and boho-chic interior decor, which has made a solid entry in modern homes. There are various low-sitting options, but our personal favorite remains poufs. Poufs are low cube-shaped or round upholstered stools, typically with no legs.

They are also multi-functional, doubling as a footrest, an extra seat, or an unusual coffee table. You can get poufs in various finishes, from leather upholstered to patchwork or macrame. Moreover, you can also incorporate other low boho sitting chairs, such as low sofas and even simple floor cushions.

9. Japanese Futons

Traditionally used as beds, Japanese futons make great sitting ideas for modern houses. The best thing about futons is that they can fit into whatever aesthetic you desire. Futons are perfect for bedrooms where you cannot have large sofas, but you do not want to have regular old sitting.

Since futons are convertible, they are great for sleeping. Moreover, they can serve unexpected visitors and be handy when you have a full house during festive periods. 

10. Fireplace Sitting 

If your bedroom is large enough for a fireplace, you should set up your sitting area in front of it. The fireplace is the focal point of your bedroom, so you want to arrange chairs and the other sitting to highlight your fireplace while remaining cozy and comfortable.

A fireplace acts as the perfect accessory for your sitting area. Pull two chairs in front of it and a small transparent table to highlight the beauty of the fireplace while keeping it simple.

11. Elevated sitting 

If you have an elevated platform in your bedroom, you should convert the space to your sitting area. Higher areas in the room are ideal sitting areas, especially if you don’t fancy your feet touching the floor. Even if your room does not have elevated sitting, you can recreate the effect.

Some high sofas or chairs give the elevated effect and are considerably taller than regular furniture. An elevated sitting area helps create a distinction in your room so that you and your guests do not have to sit on your bed or in the bed area. 

12. Multiple Windows sitting 

If you have a bedroom surrounded by windows, make the absolute most of it by choosing multiple windows sitting decor. You can select simple leather seats or plush sofas, depending on the vibe that you want your room to have. Multiple windows sitting can easily become too formal or too stuffy so try to make it as playful as possible.

Choose bright colors for your chairs, and include a couple of throw pillows and blankets for a cozy, comfortable look. You can work with a clear glass table if your chairs are bright-colored, but a lovely simple timber table works well too. 

13. Minimalist Sitting

More common in smaller homes, a minimalist sitting decor allows you to create a standard sitting area without giving up a ton of space in your bedroom. It would be great if you had a simple chair and a small table to put flowers or snacks on. You do not have to fill up all the space in your bedroom because you have it.

Generally, minimalist decor allows you to focus on important things, such as setting up functional sitting and bed areas. If you have large bedroom windows and a pretty view outside, you can position your sitting chairs to allow you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. 

14. Mix And Match Accent Chair

A great way to keep your bedroom sitting area simple and stylish is to throw in an accent chair in a different color from the rest of your room. You can also work with a different pattern, fabric, or texture.

A single chair is all anyone needs sometimes. Make it as comfortable as possible by incorporating throw pillows and a blanket. Ensure that you place the chair in the light, not directly facing it or backing it, just close enough for you to have enough light for reading or working.

15. Reading nook

Great lighting, a small chair, and a table remain an undefeated combo for great bedroom sitting. If you have a deep, narrow bedroom, this sitting is perfect. A reading nook is a cozy, comfortable corner for you to get lost in your favorite books. You can make your reading nook as comfortable as you desire.

Throw in a couple of plushies, small indoor plants, a reading lamp, and you are good to go. To make the area extra comfortable, you can include a plush rug to sink your feet in and enjoy your favorite books.

No matter how impossible or difficult it seems, you can create a sitting area out of whatever space you have in your bedroom. The key to doing this successfully is knowing how to maximize your space and choosing the right furniture. Try not to cramp up your room or put a lot of furniture in it, so it doesn’t appear too noisy.