Quiet Bed Frames – Best Bed Frames That Won’t Squeak

A quiet environment is essential for a good night’s sleep.

If the bed makes noises when your partner is turning and tossing, then this might disrupt your sleeping schedule.

However, keep in mind that it is all about the bed you choose.

With so many quiet bed frames to choose from, you can always find the right fit for your needs.

In this post, we feature a selection of the best bed frames that won’t squeak. 

How to choose a quiet bed frame

Squeaking happens due to friction between the parts. Friction occurs when the box spring rubs against the bed frame, resulting in squeaking noises. On the other hand, the loosely attached bolts can rub against the joins and make noise. 

With so many bed frames available on the market, you might be overwhelmed with the choices. Even though specific bed frame types will minimize noise, there is one more aspect to consider. 

A poor-quality bed frame might be prone to squeaking, regardless of the design and material you will choose. The structure might loosen up, and the moving parts will rub against each other and produce unpleasant noises. Therefore, make sure to invest in a high-quality bed frame that will withstand constant tossing and turning. 

In addition, don’t forget that proper maintenance is a key to keeping a bed frame quiet. Tightening the loose bolts is a regular maintenance task that you should perform every six months. Despite preventing squeaking, this imperative will keep your bed frame in perfect shape for longer. 

Heavy-duty steel frame

The heavy-duty steel frame is another excellent choice if you need quiet bed frames that won’t squeak. The solid frame is crafted from steel, making the structure stable and noise-free. In addition, the steel bed frame features a minimalist look compatible with a wide range of styles. The high-quality material will last for yours to come while being a budget-friendly solution. 

Upholstered bed frame

An upholstered bed is ideal if you are looking for quiet bed frames. The metal frame is usually built from other sturdy materials such as metal and is covered with foam for comfort. The structure is then upholstered for a sleek finish. To achieve the desired effect, you can choose whether you prefer a fabric, faux suede, or faux leather. Therefore the durable bed frame won’t squeak or make any noises. 

In addition, an upholstered bed frame contributes to the bedroom style. With being available in various colors and fabrics, the upholstery can easily fit your room. If you ever want to give your bedroom a makeover, you can simply reupholster the material for a fresh update. 

Wood Platform Bed

If you aren’t strict on your budget when shopping for a bed frame, a wood one might be the right choice. A bed frame crafted from solid wood comes with durability and quality. In addition, the use of spring and metal parts is minimal so that the bed frame won’t make any noises. Wood is a pretty versatile choice that will fit any interior style. It can become a timeless piece that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon, depending on the design. 

Japanese Bed Frame

Japanese beds feature a unique design that fits the minimalist concept. The bed frame is low and close to the ground, so we can consider it one of the quiet bed frames. The proximity to the environment is believed to promote a good night’s sleep, as your body is closer to the earth to absorb your energy. The design features simple and straight lines without any details, perfect for those who adopt the minimalist lifestyle. The Japanese bed frame can have drawers on the bottom to provide extra storage space to conceal the clutter. 

High profile platform bed

A high-profile platform bed adds luxurious appeal to your bedroom. The design doesn’t include the standard box spring, eliminating the noises and providing you with a good night’s sleep. In addition, the high platform has built-in drawers that offer extra storage space. The frame offers a solid foundation for the mattress, eliminating the friction points that will cause noise. 

Metal bed frame

With being available in both contemporary and traditional designs, the metal bed frame is a versatile choice for those looking for a quiet bed frame. The design comes with only a headboard or a headboard and footboard, depending on your preferences. Even though metal frames are considered noisier than wood ones, it doesn’t have to be the case. If you notice that your wooden frame makes noises, this might indicate an improper assembly. You need to tighten the structure or check for a slack.

How to make a bed less noisy

A squeaking bed usually indicates loose bolts, which produce noise during friction. Therefore, you should inspect your bed and straighten the loose parts. Don’t forget that loose bolts can decrease the strength of the joints, so frequent maintenance is the key to having a sturdy structure. For slatted frames, check both the corner and central joints to identify the sound source. Be sure not to strengthen the loose parts too much for wooden structures. Otherwise, the wood might crack. 

However, you need to identify the root of the problem first. The box spring can also make the noise, so check if this is the issue. Lie and turn around to determine if the mattress is the source of the problem rather than the bed frame itself. If the mattress is noisy, there is no way to fix this, and you will have to get a new one to eliminate the noise. With so many modern optionable, you don’t have to get the standard box spring that gets noisy after some time.

If you are looking for a quick fix to eliminate the friction between the mattress and the frame, all you need to do is provide a barrier between them. Layering the blanket will prevent friction and minimize the noise.