Tips For Decorating Your Home With Art

Decorating your home with artwork is one of the ways to bring character and a touch of visual interest.

When the space feels too plain and simple, the artwork will step up the decor game. However, it is easy to go wrong and achieve the opposite effect.

If you don’t choose the art correctly, your home might feel tacky. 

Decorating with art requires minding the colors, shapes, and sizes. If you aren’t sure how to tastefully implement a specific piece, we have you covered.

This post will discover helpful tips and tricks for decorating with art.

Mind proportion

A disproportionate piece of art will look odd. Therefore, be sure to find the right size for your space. For an empty wall in areas with a high ceiling, it’s better to go for a long rectangular piece. On the other hand, too small artwork won’t be noticeable and will look like it clutters the space. 

Pick the colors carefully

 A piece of artwork should fit perfectly and look like it belongs there. You are allowed to use bold colors, but make sure that the piece is cohesive with the space. You can borrow the colors from the room design and add an element that implements them. Artwork that carries the room’s color scheme will tie the space together and achieve a cohesive look. 

Mix and match frames

When you decorate your home with artwork, you don’t need to go with the same frame style. For adding the unexpected element to your decor theme, it would be better to go with different frames. However, be sure to keep one common characteristic for a tasteful look. You might want to keep the same style but introduce different colors. Or, you might opt for antique frames with rich details. It is all about choosing the right fit for your style while keeping things playful. 

Add your personal stamp

Artwork is an ideal way of adding a signature touch to your home decor. Therefore, feel free to choose artwork that speaks for your personality. Don’t chase after trends or too mainstream prints. Instead, it would be best to go for motifs that show off your signature style. 

Oversized pieces

If you are into oversized pieces, styling them is crucial. There are a few spots in the home where it would be best to display your large piece. You can start with the awkward wall in your entryway. Add a stylish piece of art here to introduce your home’s style, creating a seamless transition to the interior. 

Another excellent spot for oversized artwork is the console table in your living room. The narrow table is the perfect spot for creating a tasteful decorative vignette. Anchor the setting with a large piece to create the perfect base for decorating. 

Choose the right spot

When it comes to choosing the right spot for artwork, there are a few things to have in mind. It would be best to go for a wall with the maximum negative space. In the designer world, negative space refers to the area around the artwork that lets it stand out. For example, it can be the wall above the sofa in the living room. This space isn’t obstructed with doors or windows and is ideal for making a statement with a bold piece. Or, you can hang artwork above the bed in your master bedroom. This spot is perfect because it anchors the bedroom decor and makes a gorgeous statement. 

Don’t follow the rules strictly

The rule for hanging artwork states that you need to ensure the center of the painting is 57 inches above the floor. This is the standard eye-level height that galleries and museums use. However, this position might not work for your layout. So feel free to find the measurement that best suits your home decor. 


If you want to show off your artwork proudly, there is one smart trick used by designers. Feel free to use lighting to let your pieces be in the spotlight. Recessed lighting will subtly illuminate the piece, allowing its beauty to stand out more. 

Create a gallery wall

Another excellent way to decorate your space with art is to create a gallery wall. This popular decor feature makes a beautiful statement and adds personality to the room. Therefore, create a nicely curated collection that complements your decor theme. With so many options, you can always make an elegant gallery, no matter your interior style. Or modern and minimalist styles, go for the same basic frames through the arrangement. On the other hand, you can go with different frames and create an eccentric gallery wall that introduces charm. 

Leaning artwork

Leaning artwork against the wall is a modern approach to decorating. You might not have enough wall space to display your precious piece. Or you think that it will look better if fired in a decorative arrangement. In both cases, learning the artwork is the perfect solution. You might want to decorate the open shelving and add style. Ground the setting with leaning artwork to add a dose of dimension and layer decor in front of it. You can group artwork with the same colors or style. 

Get your favorites

Decorating with artwork doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy genuine artwork secondhand to save money. Check what the Facebook marketplace or Craigslist has to offer. You might be surprised to find many gorgeous pieces for cheap. Also, check the flea markets and thrift stores to find genuine artwork. If you can’t find anything, check online stores for unique prints. Avoid the mainstream quotes and pictures since they might look tacky. Instead, go for unique prints and patterns that speak for your style. Alternatively, you can make your own art. Find free printables in front of the internet and create your cheap DIY pieces. Or, you can paint them yourself. There is no need for any artistic skills since there are many ways to make art.