TOP 20: Best Hot Tub Brands in Canada


It requires tons of research and careful analysis to figure out which hot tubs offer the most efficiency. Fret not; we did the heavy lifting for you and brought you a listing of Canada’s 20 best hot tubs. Before even dwelling on the features, you’ll need to set a decent budget. You take into account its features, but then it crosses the limits of your budget. Then you’ll need to consider the features that you’re going to sacrifice.

And that wasn’t all; the wide variety of available hot tubs present a unique challenge in itself. For instance, you have inflatable hot tubs, wholly and partially built-in ones, above ground, indoor, and outdoor hot tubs.

Then comes the need to consider the total expense and effort that you’re ready to splurge into the maintenance and operation of the hot tub. Also, before purchasing it, you must think about the way you wish to use the hot tub.

You might be someone who also looks into the impact the hot tub will have on the environment. 

If you’re someone who belongs to any or all such categories, we present you with the most informative guide on the 20 best hot tub brands in Canada.

20 Best Hot Tubs In Canada

1. Beachcomber


When it comes to purchasing hot tubs, quality is among the top features that one checks out first. At the same time, top-quality hot tubs do come along with hefty price tags.

But if you’re looking for good-quality hot tubs without denting your wallet too much, Beachcomber hot tubs offer efficient options. 

Many Canadian brands are experts in producing hot tubs and cater to a large customer base. But Beachcomber surely is a brand that managed to make a name for itself in the market.

It’s popular especially for its line of affordable hot tubs that provide decent quality and offer tons of features.

2. Master Spas


Did you know that Michael Phelps makes use of swim spas that Master Spas produces? Yes, you heard that right!

Needless to say, when it comes to a swim spa, Master Spas comes second to none. But the brand’s expertise isn’t limited to swim spas alone.

Master Spas also offer hot tubs that are of extremely high quality. If you’re an athlete, it even makes more sense for you to avail yourself of these hot tubs.

The reason is that these hot tubs offer elements that will help you in muscle recovery after an intense workout session. Holding to that, these hot tubs even boast a shoulder and unique neck seat. It provides a deep massage to the tissues through jets that point downwards.

3. Viking Spas


If you’re in search of a mid-range and solid hot tub, the products offered by Viking Spas will be ideal for you. Not only are the Viking Spas hot tubs affordable, but they offer a wide variety of features and possess an efficient build quality.

Hot tubs by Viking Spas employs the proprietary filter system. Thus, it doesn’t make use of the pleated filters that other brands commonly use. Rather, Viking Spas uses the cloth system.

In case you do purchase this product, we would advise that you purchase the filter in bulk.

4. Arctic Spas


Among the plethora of brands that produce hot tubs in the market, Arctic spas is a widely popular company for its hot tubs. Not only is it highly famous in Canada, but the brand boasts a global presence.

A pioneer of developing the all-weather technology, the hot tubs and swim spas by Arctic Spas boasts the same efficient technology.

Not only that, when it comes to hydrotherapy and the design of the hot tubs itself, no other brand comes even close to competing with Arctic Spas. These hot tubs offer the maximum level of comfort as you heal your mind and body.

5. Vita Spas


The primary features that hot tubs by Vita Spas offer are related to swimming tubs for exercise and tubs for massages. With regard to hot tubs, the brand boasts a total of twenty-one models. 

With such an expansive variety, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find a hot tub that efficiently fits your needs. Besides, these hot tubs will grant you your wish at very affordable rates.

If you’re someone who exercises regularly, go for the X Series hot tubs. It provides accommodations to attach equipment that are resistant to slippages.

For the decking material, the hot tub employs composite wood and offers a tough solid frame.

6. PDC Spas


For our next mention in the list of the 20 best hot tubs in Canada, we introduce you to the best hot tub for Canadian winter by PDC Spas. The brand stands for resilience and survival in the industry of efficient hot tubs.

A brand that’s been in business for more than sixty years and boasts a wide customer base is indeed a notable mention. It matters not what your budget is or the features you’re looking for; you’ll be able to find a hot tub that fulfills your requirements.

Other than Canada, it caters to customers from France, England, and Russia, among many others.

7. The Cover Guy


If you’re particularly looking for acrylic hot tubs, directly head over to The Cover Guy without wasting more time. They have a wide variety of hot tubs for you to choose from. 

On top of that, in case you’re in Canada or the US, you won’t even have to worry about transportation. Simply order the hot tub online and get it shipped right at your doorstep.

Having been in the business for more than fifty years, The Cover Guy is surely in tune with your requirements and, yes, your budget too. It even offers hot tubs that can fit up to six people.

8. Cal Spas


When it comes to home products for recreation, only a few can stand up to Cal Spas. It managed to gather 48 patents, more than 28 trademarks in its career spanning 43 years and counting.

If you are unaware, Cal Spas has more than 250 varieties of hot tubs and other spa-related products for you to avail yourself of.

The brand primarily focuses on families and offers hot tubs that have features that such an audience can benefit from. Holding true to that, its hot tubs come with tons of options for entertainments purposes.

The latest hot tub by Cal Spas even lets users select the jetting package of their liking.



Other than The Cover Guy, there’s another notable brand that specializes in producing acrylic hot tubs. Correct! It’s none other than SUNDANCE® Spas.

Not just that, when it comes to acrylic hot tubs, it’s the largest manufacturer globally. The brand offers among the best design and hot tub models in the entire industry. Other than that, SUNDANCE® Spas hot tubs provide unique features and maximum comfort.

The brand is among the pioneer when it comes to offering hot tubs with UV water treatment systems. It efficiently eliminates bacteria and other disease-causing agents by employing a filtration system fitted with UV lights.

10. Canadian Spa Company


The brand is widely popular globally as among the best manufactures of inflatable and portable spas. The Canadian Spa Company also specializes in producing efficient hot tubs that offer a variety of unique features.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the best place to put a hot tub.

The brand deals with big box stores as well as small dealers. One can avail themselves of their products by visiting the nearest Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot, among other such stores.

The Canadian Spa Company caters to the global population, making them an influential player in the worldwide market.

11. Clearwater Spas


With over four decades of experience, Clearwater Spas surely have a presence in the market.

The brand ensures that the production process and the hot tubs themselves are sustainable and don’t impact the environment in a negative manner. In the industry of hot tubs, it’s widely reputed for the same. Other than that, Clearwater Spas is also a notable player when it comes to the Hydrotherapy jetting feature.

It offers hot tubs that help users attain a high level of comfort and relaxation; a perfect hot tub when you have had a long tiring day. The brand even offers ergonomic seats.

12. Catalina Spas


The 1970s marked the era that saw the rise of among the greatest brands in the history of hot tub manufacturers, the Catalina Spas. The brand’s success started in the 1980s when the company purchased a manufacturer brand that produced hot tubs.

The very best feature that customers get when availing themselves of Catalina Spas hot tubs is the availability of a wide variety of customization options.

Catalina Spas offers in-ground as well as above-ground (portable) hot tubs. Other than these options, the company also has outdoor and indoor varieties of hot tubs.

The brand is also popular for its selection of swim spas.

13. Coast Hot Tubs


Right off the bat, what will fascinate you the most is the availability of twenty-four unique models of hot tubs for the customers to choose from. Thus, based on the range of your budget and requirements, you’ll surely find a hot tub that efficiently fulfills the needs of your family.

The design and quality of the hot tubs are factors that Coast Hot Tubs prides itself in. The hot tubs feature control panels that are touch screens and also remotely set controls.

The brand also boasts hot tubs fitted with the latest Hydro-Cyclonic filtration systems.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the Coast Spas hot tubs undergo rigorous tests on a regular basis.

14. Caldera Spas


Performance, Design, and Comfort; these three things are at the core of the Caldera Spas.

With more than forty-three years of experience, Caldera Spas has truly carved out a niche for itself in the market for hot tubs.

The brand offers a wide selection of hot tubs, ranging from 8-seaters to 2-seaters. Based on various shapes and sizes, Caldera Spas offers in total 3 points for entry when it comes to its hot tubs.

For instance, based on your budget and preferred features, you can efficiently avail yourself of the Vacanza and Paradise Series. The company also prides itself in offering to its customers the best staff and support care system.

15. Maax Spas


Beginning their career as a bathtub manufacturer in 1987, the company slowly transitioned into the hot tub market a decade later. It achieved that by the acquisition of Cooperage and Coleman Spas. 

That’s not all; it even went ahead and acquired Vita Spas and LA Spas in the later decades. Without a doubt, its hot tubs are among the top candidates when considering the 20 best hot tubs in Canada.

The brand totally transformed and dedicated itself to the production of among the best hot tubs globally.

Users can consult the guide manual that contains codes and control instructions in case of any error.



When it comes to hot tubs, DIMENSION ONE SPAS® is among the top brands when especially taking into account performance, quality, and design.

While being extremely cost-effective, hot tubs by DIMENSION ONE SPAS® are famous for providing unique features to their users. That includes the latest systems for heating purposes apart from being among the pioneers in making their hot tubs fully insulated.

In terms of intuitiveness and functionality, hot tubs by DIMENSION ONE SPAS® are a class apart. When it’s time for servicing, the hot tub will alert you by generating error codes.

Contacting the service center and finding replacement parts is quite easy.

17. Marquis Spas


The company is a class apart in terms of the craftsmanship and quality it provides through its wide selection of hot tubs. The hot tubs by Marquis Spas offer full functionality with therapeutic features.

The company efficiently blends the features of friction, temperature, and jet strength. In contrast to hot tubs that offer only raw jet strength, Marquis Spas rather puts extreme stress on effective jet control.

Numerous testimonials and reviews on multiple domains and forums testify to the efficiency of these hot tubs. The replacement is easy, and the customer care is professional and is always ready to help the customers.

18. Bullfrog Spas


The company is innovative and simply amazing, to begin with. Bullfrog Spas revolutionized the hot tub industry through the replaceable Jet Packs.

It boasts among the best customer support in the entire market. Bullfrog Spas also has a highly qualified engineer team. Thus, it’s no wonder that the company is among the 20 best hot tubs for cold weather. 

As stated earlier, it makes use of the revolutionary jetpacks. Based on your needs, you can fit in various other modules by taking these jetpacks out.

So the hot tubs are highly customizable. The requirements for plumbing also decrease, and thus, it’s highly energy efficient.

19. Hot Spring Spas


The hot tubs at the upper levels are what truly differentiates Hot Spring Spas from the rest of the crowd. The company places heavy importance on design and comfort.

Holding to that, Hot Spring Spas has collaborations with one of the BMW Group companies, Designworks. The success of the company is highly evident from such ventures.

Thus, customers don’t have to worry about seats that are comfortable, which further magnifies the effects of the hot tub.

The hot tubs even boast systems that make saltwater available for a bath. The repair and servicing of the hot tubs are easy. 

20. Jacuzzi


Saving the best for the last, we present to you our top choice, that is, the best hot tub for Canada winter.

Its popularity is evident from its name being synonymous with “hot tubs” itself. Jacuzzi is the standard for the majority of brands out there.

It’s rare for a Jacuzzi hot tub to develop functionality errors for years on end. The maintenance is easy, and the hot tub itself is user-friendly. Jacuzzi hot tubs offer tons of unique and special features, such as aerated jets.

It has dealers that are present globally. Thus, no matter where you are, you’ll likely find a Jacuzzi hot tub dealer near you. It’s undoubtedly the best hot tub to buy in Canada.


With that, we put an end to our listing of the 20 best hot tubs in Canada. We hope that through the listing, you’ll be able to make a more informed and confident choice when it comes to choosing a hot tub for you and your family.

It’s vital that you research in detail and weigh out the features that fit your needs before you make the decision to buy a hot tub. 

While the top hot tubs do cost quite a bit, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a hot tub with great features at affordable rates on our list.