Black Granite Countertops: 15 Great Granite Countertop Ideas You Will Love

image source: houzz

When you want to add a dose of sophistication to your kitchen, black granite countertops are the ideal pick. Natural stones will always be trending, as they are timeless.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that you should spend tons of money on this material. With many faux options available, anyone can find the ideal match for their budget. 

The granite features a gorgeous subtle pattern that will elevate the space. On the other hand, it is a quality material that will last for years. Check out our inspirations on how to curate the ultimate kitchen of your dreams with black granite countertops!

Black granite countertops:

1. Patterned backsplash

The black granite countertop is a versatile choice that fits many kitchen styles. Its subtle pattern brings sophistication while making it easy to pair with other elements. This gorgeous summer house kitchen introduces a bold backsplash to make a statement. The patterned tiles enhance the white cabinets while complementing the black granite countertops.  

2. Strong contrast

The elegant kitchen features a bold contrast between the white cabinets and granite countertops. The backsplash and countertops are made of the same material for cohesiveness. The incredible shine of the granite stone gives off that sleek look, making this kitchen feel high-end. The kitchen island with the same countertop is a lovely statement in this kitchen design. 

3. Subway tile

A black granite countertop with a gorgeous pattern is the ideal addition to a simple kitchen design. The cabinetry is kept white for simplicity. Even though the backsplash follows the same principle, it still introduces a dose of visual touch. The shiny tiles in the Subway pattern introduce subtle visual interest without stealing the attention away from the gorgeous granite countertops. The result is a sophisticated kitchen design that won’t go out of fashion for years.

4. Black matte cabinetry

This gorgeous design features black mate cabinets and beautiful black granite countertops that bring an elegant feel to this kitchen. To keep the space light and airy, they opted for switching the upper cabinets with open shelving in white color. With this, you can bring a moody aesthetic to your kitchen without being afraid that it will look too dark. 

5. Marble backsplash

Granite is a natural stone known for its high price compared to other cheaper alternatives. However, don’t forget that it won’t lose its value over time. Pairing granite countertops with marble backsplash brings a luxurious look to this modern kitchen. 

6. Sage cabinets

Not everyone is into neutral cabinet colors. If you want to make a bold statement, choose cabinetry in a rich color that conveys your desired style. Sage is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets, as it is a calm color that brings a luxurious touch to the design. Black granite will ideally complement this color while strengthening the style. The design excludes upper cabinets for an airy and roomy look. They are switched with wooden shelves that provide storage space and add charm to this kitchen. The elegant wall art brings unexpected elements, adding uniqueness to the design.         

7. Pistachio kitchen

Pistachio is a trending color in interior design. Its vibrance makes it the ideal choice for kitchen designs when you want to add color but do it subtly. When you doubt which countertop to pair it with, you can stick with black granite. 

8. Modern farmhouse kitchen

The modern farmhouse design features black granite as the ultimate countertop choice. It will ideally complement the green cabinets, creating a stylish setting with a touch of personality. This combination looks modern and sophisticated at the same time. The brass handles add a touch of luxury to this kitchen, while simplicity prevails in the design concept.

9. L-shaped kitchen

When it comes to choosing countertops, durability is a highly requested feature. The natural stone ensures durability while not compromising on good looks. This L-shaped kitchen offers functionality, continuing to a small kitchen island. The black countertop adds a touch of luxury, offering a cozy spot for enjoying breakfast or a quick snack. 

10. Charcoal gray cabinets

Black granite and charcoal countertops are the ideal kitchen’s ensign combo. Complemented with white upper cabinets, they merge into an elegant design that steals your attention. The patterned backsplash is there for a seamless transition. 

11. Black subway tile

When you prefer a moody vibe, go with dark subway tiles. Coming with white grout for contrast, they will make a remarkable statement in your kitchen. The aesthetic pairs nicely with your luxurious granite countertop. 

12. Wood floors

A kitchen with a granite countertop will increase the resale value of your house if you plan to sell it in the future. This attractive feature incorporates a contemporary vibe to the design, while the wood floor adds warmth.

13. Marble kitchen island countertop 

Granite countertops for the cabinets and marble for the kitchen island are an unexpected combo for an elegant kitchen. The combination of granite, faux stone backsplash, and hardwood floor adds depth, while the kitchen design remains minimal.

14. Brass hardware

Natural stone countertops are porous, so you want to have a few things in mind. To keep your granite countertops in top shape, don’t forget that they need maintenance. The stone should be sealed once per year, so check the user manual for this. This not only restores its luminous finish but also prevents the food stains from penetrating the stone. 

15. Black and white cabinets

To keep the color the same but still have visual interest, go for shiny granite and matte black cabinets. Pair with white upper cabinets for that strong contrast.

16. Gray kitchen

A gorgeous chalky gray kitchen cabinet and black granite are the ideal stylish combination. The combination of modern and traditional with a slight touch of warmth by the honey oak floor is the winning design combo. 

17. Wood and white kitchen

With white and wood as a rustic combination, granite will add a touch of elegance to balance things out. Play with the other decor elements to achieve the style you wish. 

18. Leathered granite 

If you prefer a minimalist approach, leathered granite would be a good pick. It has smooth and even surfaces with a matte look, perfect for modern styles. 

19. Modern farmhouse 

Granite is a natural stone known for its durability. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic kitchens, as it won’t scratch or blister from heat. Despite the functional aspect, it will make a great aesthetic choice for a modern farmhouse kitchen. 

20. All black

 When You want to introduce an all-black look that looks dramatic and moody, a granite countertop will add visual interest. The brass details and granite pattern stand out in an otherwise all-black kitchen. 

Now when you have these black granite countertop ideas, you can remodel your kitchen to your liking. With so many options to choose from, you can find the ideal fit for your kitchen style. Follow us and keep up to date with the latest news and trends!