DIY Cat House – 10 Useful Ideas On How To Make Outdoor House For Your Cat

image source: houzz

Did you know that you can create a DIY cat house? Outdoor houses aren’t just for dogs anymore. You can give your cat the privacy and space they can get while they are outside, but not roaming around a wide area like most outdoor cats do.

This guide will go over the ten useful ideas on how to make an outdoor house for a cat. You might take one of these ideas below and put your own unique twist on them. Let’s get started with the list below.

DIY Cat House:

  1. Build it out of wood

Of course, the first idea would be to build a house out of wood. The same way you would build a dog house. If you have some woodworking skill, you can be able to get this done in a day.

There are plenty of house plans that you can find online. Or if you want to keep it simple to four walls, a floor, and a roof, then that should be simple enough. The simpler the layout, the easier the project might be.

  1. Use an old cooler

Do you have an old Coleman cooler that you have used for camping? If so, then that could be an awesome structure for a cat house. You may want to remove the lid so you don’t inadvertently trap them in there.

Your cat can jump in and out with ease. All you need to do is place a cat dish inside with food or water. If it’s a bit chilly outside, you can keep the lid in place and attach rope lights so it provides them with a heat source to keep them warm.

  1. Use a foam cooler

Continuing on from our previous idea, you can use a foam cooler. You can cut out a circular hole and add some straw inside of it. This can be a great cat house for your outdoor cat.

If there is a stray hanging around, you can provide it shelter without allowing it inside your own home. Of course, don’t forget to include a food and water dish when and where possible. It’s simple, takes minutes to create and worth trying out.

  1. An old plastic tote

If you have a plastic storage tote, you can use it for the purpose of a cat house. What you can do is create a hole on one end of the container (preferably one of a square shape). Keep the top lid intact so you can be able to provide a roof for your feline friend.

You can also remove it so you can add food and water (or check to see if it needs replenishment). There are plenty of tutorials you can follow online to build a cat house out of a tote.

  1. Good ol’ cardboard

Before we begin, it may be a good idea to consider whether your cat doesn’t have a habit of chewing on cardboard. If not, then you may be able to construct a cat house out of the material.

All it takes is a cardboard box or two. You may even find some in different shapes. Whatever your desired design, you can put it all together. It can be a single level cardboard box (or one stacked on another). 

Cut out parts for doors or windows (if needed). Again, there are plenty of ideas and designs you can find online.

  1. Use an old t-shirt for a ‘cat tent’

If you have unwanted t-shirts, they can be used for many things. Building a ‘cat tent’ can be one of them. This will require a t-shirt that will be easy to stretch out and a box that will allow the shirt to wrap around.

Cut a hole in the boxed area that is round. Make sure that the collar of the shirt is able to fit around it. Your cat will be able to crawl in and camp outside.

Not a bad cat house idea, if we dare say so ourselves.

  1. Insulated and waterproof shelter

If you have strays outside, you can provide them with enough warmth and shelter without having to invite them inside your house. This includes a small plastic container like a tote. The insulation you can use can consist of old clothes, bedding, or even shredded newspapers.

Old bedding can also be used for bedding itself. It’s important that you switch it out so it’s fresh rather than moldy. It also helps to make sure this shelter is elevated and not at ground level. This can keep the cold out and ensure the best warmth possible.

  1.  A rustic-style kind of house

When it comes to DIY projects, there’s always bound to be one that has that rustic look. It’s all the rage and will remain that way. If you want your feline friend to have that kind of house, give them one.

This will take some woodworking. Plus, some design skills as well. You can build out the four walls, floor, and roof with some weathered wood.

For a nice touch, cut out a square hole where you can install a small glass window. Lastly, include leather straps for a door that your cat can walk in and out of.

  1. Multi-level house

Cats love to climb. Plus, they’ll love you for building this multi-level cat house. You can build this with a large frame and multiple upper level platforms. You can create a doorway that they can walk out of while covering the rest of the structure with durable netting.

For best results, you can build this using shelves from IKEA. Don’t forget to include a large door opening so you can go in and switch out food and water (even a litter box).

  1. Styrofoam housing

If there is a large styrofoam cooler in your possession and you don’t want it, flip it upside down. Cut a doorway on one end of it and cover it with light material. This will be perfect for strays or even feral cats in the area.

Be sure to include additional materials to ensure warmth during the winter months. Styrofoam can be good for insulation, but you want to cover your bases here since it may not be enough warmth.