15 Forest Bedroom Ideas

Do you love the smell, feel, and warmth of the forest? Well, you can have it replicated in your bedroom. There are only a few things that give you the relaxing and rewarding feeling you get when you walk down the forests or bask in the accommodating hands of nature. 

A bedroom is a sacred place that requires you to be deliberate, from the layering of textures to colors, depth, windows, etc. 

Hence, if you love nature and would love to have your room designed just to fit your taste, this article is for you. Read on to find out 15 ideas to bring forest right to your bedroom

1. Forest Walls

Let’s start with the most obvious part of your bedroom; the walls. The walls are the largest part of any room and the perfect place to show how much you love forest designs. There are quite a handful of options to choose from; wallpapers, stencils, decals, murals, paints; amongst many others are some of the examples you can pick to lace the wall. 

They all give different looks; hence it all depends on what you want and how you want the walls to look. We will discuss more of this later in the article.

2. Forest Color Choices

What comes to mind when you talk of the color of the forest is green, thanks to its rich hues and canopies. But that’s not all there is to the choices of forest color you could have in your bedroom. If you prefer something more subtle, you can choose any color from light to dark hues of brown. 

Other colors you can choose from include birch or aspen, gold, and some seasonal colors (such as the rich colors of fall foliage or the bleak gray and white winter). Don’t forget you can have a blend of two or more of these colors on your walls, too. 

3. 50 Shades of Green

If you are a big fan of green color, mixing the different shades creates more diversity and dimension in your bedroom while sticking to one color. However, ensure you choose shades of green that compliment each other. Although it’s the same color, it’s easy to mess up the whole design with wrong color choices. 

You can choose a lighter or darker green color palette or go somewhere in between for a happy medium. This way, you keep harmony and elegance together. 

4. Painting Technique

Now that you have decided on the paint color,  don’t paint the bedroom walls as you do in other rooms. You don’t necessarily have to paint your bedrooms. And for forest-themed bedrooms, a classic paint treatment, such as an Olde World effect or Venetian plaster, is more preferred and appealing. These ideas could be achieved by several painting techniques, such as a double-paint roller or a glaze finish. 

5. Wallpapers and Decals

Here is where you get to show how much you love nature. Wallpapers are permanent decals and come in different colors and patterns to create and replicate a truly luscious bedroom design. It would be best to choose wallpapers that blend smoothly with the paint on the wall. 

Fern, leaf, pine needle, etc., are some of the patterns you can choose. Usually, forest designs for younger children are different, and decals are typically used. For an adult, browse the internet and choose from the abundance of forest-themed wallpapers. 

6. Accent Wall Murals

Another option for getting the perfect wallpaper for your forest-themed bedroom is to hang a photo or wall-painted mural. It brings some calming and appeals to the bedroom. Once you have it drawn, be careful not to cover it with your bed or some piece of furniture. And if you don’t want to have the entire wall covered with murals, separate, then frame a section to resemble a large window. Add a drapery rod and draperies to complete the illusion.

7. Pictures of Nature

If you’re working on a small budget, pictures of nature on your wall are an excellent substitute for murals and decals. Moreover, you can combine pictures of Nature with your wallpapers and murals; it all depends on knowing where and how to arrange them. 

Nature pictures provide your bedroom with some scenic views and an elegant feel. You can add a few or combine them with wallpapers and large murals. Whichever you decide, you can never be wrong. 

8. The Forest Floor

A hardwood floor will be your best option for your forest floor, and a light or dark stain would make a good color. Similarly, consider area rugs to add depth, color, and natural texture to your overall design. There is no perfect rug, and in fact, the color and pattern should blend with the color of the wallpaper or the murals. 

A lush green shag rug that resembles a forest pile floor or some patterned Persian rug will be perfect. If you have a small budget, two-tone carpeting gives you that feel and saves cost. 

9. Furniture Styles

You have plenty of options to choose a room for furniture styles; it all depends on what your imaginations are. Wood furniture stained cherry, walnut, oak, or mahogany are just a few vibrant wood finishes available on the market. To add subliminal messaging of trees, choose furniture with vertical lining; a four-poster bed is a good example. 

To add varieties to your design, woodsy rustic decor (made from rough-hewed log style furniture and furnishing) is perfect. You could also pick beds with actual trees as the column. 

10. Window Treatments

You don’t need all that fancy glass windows for your forest-themed bedroom. Instead, your window treatments can range from layering sheers and heavy draperies to wood plantation shutters. It’s all about adding some elegance and appeal to the room. Moreover, you can consider roman shades or bamboo roll-up shades; they are lovely minimalist designs that lace your bedroom with some woodsy feel, while other elements in the bedroom take center stage. Drapery rods with decorative finials add the much-needed warm nuances. 

11. Fabrics

For your forest-themed bedroom design, fabrics can provide you with some depth, warmth, and texture. Linens, wool, velvet, and leather for texture layering are options. Use pillows, comforters, bed sheets, throws, upholstery, and draperies to make it profound on texture effects.

Moreso, you can use fabrics to introduce accent colors, such as blue, gold, red, or even yellow. Plaids, florals, and geometric shapes are great patterns to contrast with solid colored fabrics, adding another layer of textures. All these you do while keeping your color scheme in mind. 

12. Lighting

Without proper lighting, your designs will look dull and bleak. Light is an important element in your forest-themed bedroom. Preferably it would help if you layered your lighting; use at least two or three different types of lightning. You may need to install a few recessed lighting for the ceilings and fit a switch to regulate the ambiance. 

On your wallpapers or murals, you may need a few lights to bring the wallpapers back to give that elegant effect. Lamps— nightstand lamps, floor lamps — will provide that much-needed texture to bring your design together. To add some range to the lighting, burnished brass or antique pewter finishes will give dimension and style to your bedroom design.

You can give yourself a paradise on earth with some candle holders and amber-colored candles in your bedroom. 

13. Natural light

Still, on lighting, the glow and warmth of natural light during the day, especially in the morning, can be very relaxing. This is particularly important if you stay close to nature. Moreover, daylight has its health benefits. 

So, while draping your windows with the most exquisite fabrics, remember to keep it minimal. Ensure your blinds can be drawn up out of sight in the morning to let in the refreshing sunlight. And a simple white curtain can shade bright sunlight and enhance your decor.

14. Plants

Well, it’s a forest-themed bedroom. It’s never complete without having some plants arranged at strategic places. What we’ve discussed so far are representations of forests. Regardless of the size or view, plants bring nature into your bedroom. They instantly brighten up an interior, bringing some greenery into your home – more important than ever in winter. And the scents can be heavenly; you have to find the right ones. 

Moreover, some plants can help improve the air quality, giving you a better night’s sleep. 

15. Floral Patterns Are Perfect For Plant Lovers

You can incorporate beautiful florals and leafy prints into your bedroom if you’re big on plants. This could come in any way, floral bed covers, pictures, stencils, etc. These patterns will fill your room with leaf prints and give you the feeling of tropical rainforest. 

Apart from the calmness and freshness that come with plants in your room, they restore nature, peace, and serenity to your space and mind. 

That’s a wrap on our 15 ideas to design your perfect forest-themed bedroom. All these ideas here are subject to your creativity and imagination. But if you get confused along the way, be sure to fall back on this guide.