15 Design Ideas for Parents Bedroom

When designing rooms in the house, we do not just add different things to enhance the room’s beauty without considering the purpose we want the inner space to serve. An essential part of interior decoration is to use the spaces available by putting in place items that can provide comfort. 

Therefore, relaxation and comfortability are two things that need consideration when setting up a bedroom for parents. Also, when designing the bedroom, we need to consider the function and aesthetic needs we intend it to serve. In this guide, you will learn about the 15 ideas to set up your parents’ bedroom.

1. Installing Tall Beds

If you’re thinking about installing a medium-sized bed in your parent’s bedroom, you must discard that idea. Instead, go and get a bed of considerable height, which will not cause discomfort when getting on and off. Beds within the range of 25 inches are considered the average bed height. If such is installed, the feet of the parent should be touching the ground when sitting on the bed. Generally, the bed’s height can vary from 25 to 36 inches, depending on the parents’ height. Also, another option you can use to select the height of the bed is by ensuring the bed levels with the knee of the parents.

2. Installing Furniture That Is Easily Accessible

When going for the mattress, you also need to consider the furniture you will place the mattress on and ensure it is of medium height, complementing the size of the mattress. It will enable them to climb on and off the bed quickly without straining themselves. Likewise, there are other types of furniture (like an armchair and table) you may want to place in their bedroom. Make sure the corners of the furniture are rounded, and no protruding pieces are shooting out that can cause damage. Likewise, install safety grab bars beside the bed as a precaution.

3. Installing Bright Colors

Color has a different meaning it symbolizes. When you see people dressed in black, it represents mourning. Likewise, when doing the interior decorations of the bedroom, ensure the color used is bright as it can affect mood and make them cheerful. Also, the color needs to be aesthetically pleasing and reflect light easily. There is no gainsaying that older people tend to have weak eyesight as they grow old. Therefore, avoid using a dark color in the bedroom.

4. Providing Adequate Space

Do not overcrowd the parent bedroom with much furniture such that it will only remain a little space for them to walk. Prioritize the important things such as bed, armchair, drawers, wardrobe, and bedside table when installing furniture in the room. Also, the positioning of all these should be in a way that will prevent obstructing their path.

5. Ensuring Safe Walking Path

As parents become old, their tendency to slip increases, so you need to ensure the materials you will use for the room floor prevent falling. Do not put carpets on rugs on the floor if your parents use a walking stick because it can cause tripping. However, you can use either carpets or rugs when you have fastened them tightly to the floor. Also, use anti-skid flooring materials in place of smooth tiles as they offer friction, are suitable for easy movement, and prevent falling. This important idea will help prevent subsequent accidents due to poor flooring.

6. Stick to Simple Lines and Silhouettes

There is no need to overcomplicate the bedroom design for your parents; better still, make use of simple lines and silhouettes to ensure their safety. The efforts required in using spaces will reduce when using a cleaner dimension. For instance, installing chair rails is a good idea as it serves as a support for them while working and helps add dimension to the walls. Additionally, use visible handles for the drawers instead of knobs, and the handles of the shuttered wardrobe should be easy to use.

7. Introduce Friendly Features

Apart from the furniture, other accessories beautify the room and serve various functions for the parents. Use friendly and familiar features to the parents to ensure their comfortability. Limit unnecessary movements for the parents by using a two-way switch beside the door. Also, instead of the basic doorknobs, go for door levers as they do not have difficulty using them.

8. Illuminate the Room with Many Lights

The parent’s eyesight will not be as good as when they were still young; therefore, it is essential to ensure enough lighting in the room. Likewise, the room should have enough windows to allow natural light penetration and improve the room ventilation. Beside their beds, install lamps that can easily switch on and off without leaving their bed if they need to do anything at night.

9. Use Simple Decoration

When decorating the parents’ room, do not overcomplicate with excessive use of different colors and patterns. Just input a few decorations to accommodate the room and avoid patterns that can reflect light into their eyes. Place wallpapers or Knick-knacks properly so they will not fall easily from the walls. You can place a swing armchair beside the window to receive proper natural ventilation as part of the room decoration.

10. Installing Bedroom Telephone

Depending on how old your parents are, they may need to have a bedroom phone that they can easily use in calling for help. Also, it is advisable to use a corded telephone since the cordless phone can get affected by a power outage.

11. Install Materials that Ease their Hands

The things you will install in the parents’ bedroom should not add difficulty to their lives; instead, they should be easy to use. For instance, use a lever-style handle instead of a doorknob, open the shutters, and use a large drawer knob.

12. Minimize the Noise Reaching Their Bedroom

Minimize the noise reaching your parents in their bedroom by installing extra insulation in the walls. Especially if there are kids in the house, there is a need to minimize their noises. To prevent noises and enable insulation, use drop-ceiling panels. Moreover, you can reduce the noise by hanging a quilt on the wall.

13. Provide Exercise Space

Assuming the room is large enough to contain more than a bed and a dresser, then, at that point, it makes sense to leave a space for the parents to work out in the bedroom. There are many exercises they can easily do inside their room, depending on their fitness level. Any activity that does not include much impact can improve their wellbeing and make them more versatile.

14. Keep Away Harmful Items From The Bedroom

Do not place dangerous objects unnecessarily in the bedroom because it is possible for the parents to fall, and it will not be a good experience for them to fall on such dangerous objects.

15. Prioritize Their Comfort

When setting up the bedroom for the parents, you need to ensure their comfortability, and one of the ways to do that is by providing them with a bed. The kind of bed you should install in their bedroom should not cause them backaches and should be long enough to contain them.


In every house, a bedroom is a resting place for the inhabitants, and that is why it should include things that will make life easy. When designing a bedroom for the parents, there are certain things you need to keep in mind because their priorities are now different from yours.

In this article, you can use the 15 ideas to provide the best bedroom for your parents. As parents get older, their eyesight weakens; therefore, ensure to offer their rooms adequate illumination. Also, you can seek ideas from your parents on what they think they need to have in their bedroom.