15 White & Gold Themed Bedroom Ideas

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White and gold is a color combination that can create an ambiance that is delicate yet elegant in any bedroom. Gold is quite a common color choice for adding a hint of warmth and vibrance. Gold exudes a certain charisma that can add brightness and light to any space, making your bedroom more prominent.

The combination of white and gold can quickly become pretentious and too cold if not cautiously used together. However, matching one of the most common metallic hues with the ultimate light neutral colors can be versatile, even though too much gold can quickly become tacky.

This article discovers how to pair white and gold for the perfect bedroom decor properly. 

1. White And Gold Bedroom With Black Accents

To achieve a class and formal bedroom, you can combine gold and white with black as an accent color. Gold is properly accentuated by black, giving your bedroom a splash of luxury and sophistication. You can pair black furniture against a predominantly gold decor with white throw pillows and other smaller accessories. 

2. Gold And White With Marble

Just like any other color, gold has several shades. When you choose deep, metallic shades of gold, it can give your room a dramatic, mysterious feel. Combining darker shades of gold with an elegant marble backdrop and white creates a royal and luxurious ambiance in your bedroom.

Go with walls that are brightly colored to add to the dramatic look of the room. You can use marble trinket trays, sculptures, or even vases to complement the white and gold. Marble wallpaper, when used sparsely, gives your room a luxurious clean look. 

3. Dark Brown Bohemian Decor In White And Gold Room

A great way to add warmth and depth to your bedroom is by accenting your gold and white room with deep warm tones and detailed print. For instance, plain white walls and floors, warm and metallic browns in the bedroom, and gold decorative items positioned around the room, become the focal point of your bedroom.

You can accent your bedroom with deep chocolate brown and bohemian metallic print for an elegant and mysterious ambiance. The bohemian decor remains a favorite, and in colors such as white, gold, and dark brown, you are sure to find an aesthetic that you love.

4. Geometric Print With White And Gold Decor 

One way to liven up your bedroom is by mixing geometric shapes and lines and different prints in your space. You can go for metallic gold geometric patterned bedding in contrast to the bold lines on your white rug. Patterns such as a subtle white brick print in the background contrast delicately with other geometric print patterns available across the bedroom.

You can also incorporate printed white and gold wallpaper to incorporate an artsy and unique look in your bedroom. Gold geometric wallpaper can easily become the focal point of the bedroom, accented with the solid white of bedroom decor.

5. White And Gold Coastal Bedroom

Also dubbed Hamptons style, the coastal style bedroom has its origins from the iconic US beachside area. Coastal-style bedrooms’ standard features are airy color palettes and cool neutral shades paired with greens and blues. In coastal decor, the furnishings are primarily beige or white, and the bedroom can contain accessories inspired by the sea or elements of wood.

Plush white sofas painted white wood against blue and gold striped patterns for pillows and beddings are typical of the Hampton/coastal style decor. Coastal bedrooms are comfortable and relaxed, drawing inspiration from the ocean and the beach. 

6. White And Gold Rustic Decor

Rustic decor is inspired by nature, incorporating unfinished and raw elements such as stone and wood. The primary color for rustic decor is gold and brown, and the aesthetic often includes accessories from the outdoors.

Rustic design often channels warmth via architectural details such as reclaimed wood floors and vaulted ceilings decorated with wood beams, which can be incorporated into the bedroom. Rustic gold and white decor can integrate modern accessories and furnishings into the aesthetic. 

7. Traditional White And Gold Decor

If you are going for a clean, classic look with an abundance of accessories and perfect finishing, you should pick traditional white and gold decor. The traditional decor features rich color palettes, dark finished wood, and a variety of curved lines and textures.

With traditional decor, you get layering, depth, and dimensionality that can be adequately expressed with colors as exquisite as white and gold. 

8. Mid Century Modern White And Gold Bedroom

Take your bedroom decor back to the mid-1900s with mid-century modern white and gold bedroom decor. Mid-century modern is built on retro-nostalgia and elements of minimalism. Create the functional bedroom of your dreams with a gold and white color scheme.

Mid-century modern amplifies available, simple fabrications as well as easy-to-use contemporary designs. When rendered in white and gold, mid-century modern helps with seamless transition from exterior to the interior while playing nicely with the interior decor. 

9. Minimalist White And Gold Decor

Minimalist decor is quite popular and easy to implement. Highlight the beauty of your bedroom with gold beddings, furniture, and decor pieces. Minimalism takes notions of modern design and makes them even more straightforward. The color palettes are airy and neutral, with streamlined, simple furnishings with minimalism.

Minimalist bedroom decor is sparse, with nothing flashy in its decor or accessories. The defining rule for minimalist bedrooms is ultra-clean lines as well as functionality. 

10. White And Gold Asian Zen Bedroom

Nothing says Asian Zen-like gold and white. Asian Zen decor is rooted in contemporary design, focusing on interesting shapes, sleek lines, and creating a relaxing atmosphere. This results in an ultimate zen space that references nature.

Asian zen interiors are typically asymmetrical, using circles more than squares. Door panels or curtain walls are standard to give a sense of privacy and separate larger spaces. The color palettes used in Asian zen are drawn from nature to maintain a calm and serene vibe. 

11. Modern White And Gold Bedroom

The modern interior decor is defined by a simple and clean color scheme such as white and gold that welcomes heavy use of steel, glass, and other clean elements. Modern decor finds its roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and styles.

The modern aesthetic is about practicality and logic, and the sculptures and paintings are chosen accordingly, focusing on functionality over form. Modern interior design comes from a specific period, and the aesthetic prioritize precise, meaningful decor.

12. Transitional White And Gold Decor

The main appeal of traditional interior decor is utilizing traditional furnishings combined with modern elements. This feature of “transitioning” prevents your bedroom from looking too much like a particular design style.

Transitional style decor is conducive if you are trying to combine interior design styles after moving into a bigger house or getting married. White and gold transitional decor gives your bedroom balance in the unexpected mix while lending a relaxed feel and a homey warmth. 

13. Hollywood Regency in White And Gold

Hollywood Regency is one of the most timeless yet fun interior decor styles you can pull off in your bedroom. This aesthetic combines vibrant pops of color, period french furnishings, clean lines, and glam notes that are introduced using high shine finishes, surfaces, mirrors, and crystals.

Hollywood regency is considered a go-to for traditional style interiors that still maintain upbeat, modern energy.

14. Scandinavian White And Gold Bedroom

Scandinavian interior design emphasizes a serene and clean simplicity with a universal appeal. This aesthetic plays with tonal textures while highlighting organic shapes in a relaxed all-white space. You can bring in hints of color through a single textile such as a small gold rug or throw pillow and via art.

Scandinavian decor is one of the most uncomplicated contemporary interior designs and is hinged on a carefully edited mix of elements. Several design styles take hints from Scandinavian interior designs, and when incorporated with white and gold, it can give your bedroom an exquisite look. 

15. White And Gold Art Deco

If you have a flair for jewelry and ornaments, you might want to pull off a white and gold art deco look. Art deco interior design is typically glamorous and sleek, evoking opulence. This decor style was promoted as the epitome of chic and sought to infuse functional objects with artistic touches.

Art deco is geometric, symmetrical, and simple, pleasing to the eye and general sensibilities despite its glitz. Combining gold and white while pulling off the art deco aesthetic is a fantastic look for your comfy bedroom.

Pulling off a white and gold bedroom decor look can be fun and expressive. Today, give your room an exquisite high-end finish with these unique white and gold bedroom ideas