15 Black Hexagon Tile Shower Ideas

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The black hexagon tiles are a timeless classic in bathroom design. Designers love the moody style and refined feel that they add to the space. With their versatility, the hexagon tiles will make their way to various bathroom styles. Whether you prefer a sleek, elegant, or industrial style, be sure that this tile pattern will add a touch of visual interest in a way that complements the mood. In this post, you will find 15 inspiring black hexagon tile shower ideas to guide you!

1. Pair with concrete tile

If you are looking for a tasteful tile combination for your shower, this is an excellent choice. The black hexagon and concrete tile are iconic duos that bring a refined feel to your bathroom. The black matte hardware enhances the theme, contributing to the sophisticated look.

The sleek shower features a curated combination of hexagons and tiles that mimic the concrete texture. The combination brings an industrial vibe to the bathroom, creating a stylish and modern space that you will enjoy for years to come.

2. Sleek powder room

The hexagon tile will add a generous amount of visual interest to the space. If you think that it is the right time to revamp your powder room, this is a tasteful design to consider. The black hexagon tiles make a strong focal point that enhances the small space.

The dark color brings a modern and updated vibe, supported by the grey walls. The wood shelf adds a dose of warmth while contrasting the moody tile design. The powder room gets a sophisticated and stylish update that won’t go out of style soon. 

3. Add warmth

The specific tile pattern is pretty versatile and can make its way into various styles and combinations. Professional designers don’t mind using the mix and match approach when decorating with these tiles. If you want to add a touch of warmth to the space, you should pair the hexagon tile with faux wood tile.

The organic texture will complement the moody vibe of the black tiles, creating a harmonious flooring design that suits your preferences. In addition, this trick will visually divide the bathroom into different zones. 

4. Dramatic shower

Nothing will make your bathroom feel more luxurious than an elegant walk-in shower. The ample space provides comfort after a long day, while the glass doors bring a high-end vibe. However, it is the black hexagon tile that adds drama to the equation.

The upscale design is bold and has that expensive look you desire. The matte vanity comes in a charcoal tone to support the idea of creating a moody and dramatic space. The sophisticated tile design features visual interest due to the attractive tile pattern. 

5. Mid-century modern style

This fantastic bathroom features a balanced mix of retro and modern looks. If you love unexpected style combinations, this will become your favorite design. The retro vanity and brass hardware bring a vintage and elegant vibe to the bathroom.

The black tile elevates the decor and gives it a rather modern look. The result is a charming and stylish space that archives the perfect balance between warm and dramatic. The visually pleasing pattern of the hexagon tile covers the floor, directing attention to the shower. 

6. Mix and match approach

Professional designers often use the mix and match approach to add a dose of visual interest. This trick means that you are free to mix two or three different tiles to achieve the desired effect. This example clearly shows the results of this savvy approach. The black and white Moroccan tile is rich in details and makes a bold statement.

The black hexagon tile is an excellent choice for flooring. The dark color will add depth while perfectly complementing the intriguing Moroccan pattern. Moreover, the matte shower door completes the look with simplicity and lets the tile design stand out. 

7. Elegant and classic design

The small hexagon tiles will create a perfect mosaic and are an excellent option for bringing playfulness. Therefore, the attractive pattern is an ideal choice for an elegant shower design. The built-in shelf provides storage for your shampoo, while the LED light highlights the fascinating tile pattern.

If you want to achieve a luxurious and elegant look, it would be best to add brass or bronze hardware. The metallic shine will ideally complement the black tile and give your bathroom a high-end look you want. 

8. Black and white flooring

The hexagon tile pattern is pretty versatile when it comes to implementation. Whether you want a dramatic wall or a visually attractive flooring option, you can find the solution that suits your specific needs. This elegant bathroom features black hexagon tile complemented with white grout for additional visual interest.

The grout makes the distinctive shape stand out, contributing to an elegant look. The walls and shower tiles remain white so that they won’t overpower the bold flooring. The result is a minimalist bathroom design that will impress you with the tasteful tile implementation. 

9. Deluxe feel

The luxurious shower is a peaceful retreat for the utmost relaxation. If you are looking forward to an upscale design, pair the black tile with a marble pattern. The tile flooring features a captivating combination of black and white hexagon tiles for the best impression.

The unexpected pattern adds a dose of visual interest and elevates the simple bathroom design. The alluring flooring extends to the whole bathroom for a cohesive look. In addition, the walls feature a high-end marble tile for the ultra-luxurious spa look. 

10. Herringbone and hexagon tile

As we already mentioned, the hexagon tile is a very versatile decor feature. Professionals love it because they can pair it with many different tile patterns to create a unique look. This modern shower features a carefully chosen combination of hexagon tiles and a herringbone tile pattern.

Both tile styles are simple, meaning that you can play with them and introduce a mix and match look. The outcome is a sophisticated shower with a modern and updated feel that embraces the beauty of these classic tile designs. 

11. Retro look

The minimalist bathroom design features a perfect balance of retro and modern design elements to elevate the style. The hexagon tile flooring is a neutral base that anchors the elements, creating an ideal balance between them. The freestanding tub complements the look with the fascinating retro vibe and the sleek matte finish.

The bamboo blinds and rugs add an organic texture to bring a moderate earthy feel. The varying textures contrast the matte tile and add a touch of warmth. Also, the white walls let the striking flooring pattern become the main focal point in the bathroom. 

12. Built-in shower shelf

Built-in shelves are a practical and sleek option for storage. However, they can be turned into the ultimate design element to enhance your bathroom. This shower features a stylish shelf highlighted with hexagon tiles, a smart decorating trick that adds a dose of dimension.

We would highly recommend you to get a modern set of shampoo bottles to replace the plastic packaging your products come with. This trick will elevate your bathroom style and keep it clutter-free. It would be best to choose a lighter color to contrast the dark tile. 

13. Playful look

Sometimes an all-black look might not fit your desired style. If you prefer a playful look instead of a moody one, this design will amaze you with its brilliance. The tiny hexagon tiles create a captivating mosaic that adds a decorative element to this simple bathroom design.

The combination of black and white tiles creates a unique pattern that covers the whole floor. Moreover, the basic white tiles in the shower won’t overpower the fascinating flooring. The clean aesthetic is an excellent choice if you want to let the floor tiles stand out. 

14. Hexagon and subway tile

The carefully chosen tile combination will take your bathroom style to a whole new level. The subway tile is a timeless design that will never go out of style. The modern vibe of the hexagon pattern will ideally complement subway tile, with various options to choose from.

This sophisticated bathroom design features white subway tile with black grout for contrast. The flooring carries a well-known hexagon pattern for the best impression. On the other hand, the doorless shower creates an open design that maximizes the feel of spaciousness. 

15. Complement with Moroccan rug

If you don’t like the sterile look of tiles, you can always complement them with a cozy rug. This decorating trick is often used to introduce texture and break down the dull look. The Morrocan rug features bold colors and rich details, making it the perfect choice for your bathroom design.

Its intriguing appearance will add a pop of color to a black tile flooring. In addition, the wooden elements in the space will add warmth and complement the rug.