greenery decor for kitchen

Greenery Decor Ideas For Modern Kitchen

greenery decor for kitchen

When the space feels somehow sterile, greenery decor for the kitchen is the missing piece in the puzzle. When decorating your home with plants, don’t forget about your kitchen. 

If you want to add a touch of freshness, the greenery decor for the kitchen is the thing to go for. Indoor plants bring many benefits, such as purifying the air from toxins.

On the other hand, you can grow your herbs in the kitchen and always have fresh ingredients to prepare tasty meals. 

Feel free to create a leafy paradise that feels like a tropical sanctuary. Whether you love decorative plants or herbs that can add aroma to your meals, you can always introduce greenery.

When you want to style the kitchen with greenery, we have you covered. In this post, we feature the best greenery decor for the kitchen. Make sure to go through the post, and feel free to grab your inspiration!

Greenery Decor Ideas For Kitchen:

Countertop herb garden

A tiny herb garden is an ideal addition to your countertops. Also, you will always enjoy the fresh herb scent. Group a few pots on a tray and proudly display them in your kitchen. Despite looking cute, the mini garden will keep fresh thyme ready whenever you want to prepare an aromatic meat dish.

Hanging herb garden

Even if you don’t have enough space for pots, you can still create an indoor herb garden. Install rods and hang the pots on your window. Despite not taking any of your precious counter space, the plants will receive enough sunlight to help them grow. 

Vertical herb garden

If you want to use the space wisely, a vertical garden will suit your needs. The minimalist design features modern styles while also providing storage for your spice selection. The recessed lighting highlights the beauty of the herbs, creating a fantastic feature wall in the kitchen. 

A wall herb garden is an excellent way to have fresh herbs at your fingertips. Many of the standard herbs can be grown indoors. Therefore you can grow parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary. You can also grow dill, mint, and cilantro in your kitchen. This simple design doesn’t take up much precious space and adds a nice decorative touch. Also, it allows you to grow plenty of herbs to always have them fresh and ready for cooking.

Tray styling

Creating a decorative vignette is an excellent way to introduce charm to your kitchen. Start with a lovely woven tray to anchor the arrangement. Despite grounding the decor, the tray will make it easier to move it around for cleaning. Add your mixing spoons, oil, salt, and pepper. When adding elements, make sure to introduce varying heights and textures for a curated arrangement. Enhance the styling with a potted plant to make a statement. 

Add branches

Adding branches in a vase is the simplest way to enhance your kitchen with greenery. The simple and minimalist decor approach is ideal for any kitchen style that needs freshness. The large glass vase and wooden tray create a mix of textures, adding a decorative touch to this kitchen design. 

Enhance the countertops

Adding potted plants to your countertops is a great way to make a statement. However, make sure that the pots match your decor theme and color palette for a cohesive look. The wooden pot fits the open shelving, and the white ceramic matches the dishes. The result is a tasteful decor that adds style to the kitchen. 

Style the open shelving 

When styling the open shelving to perfection, don’t forget to include plants. They will introduce texture and add a fresh touch to your decor. Add a few potted plants to keep the arrangement playful and stylish. Plants add a pop of color with their green foliage, introducing natural elements to add variance to your decor. 

Choose the right plants

Decorating with plants is an excellent way to introduce freshness to your home. However, many forget that the kitchen craves greenery too. If you have a green thumb, adding indoor plants to your kitchen is an intelligent step. If you aren’t sure which plants would thrive in the kitchen, we have the list for you.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an excellent pick for your kitchen if you have a sunny windowsill. The plant loves dep waterings and doesn’t require you to do it frequently. On the other hand, the leaves are rich with juice with healing properties.

Peace Lily

If you love graceful blooms, the Peace Lily is the right choice. This plant has beautiful white flowers and isn’t difficult to maintain. 

English Ivy

This leafy plant doesn’t require too much sunlight so it will thrive in your kitchen. You can add it to hanging baskets and mount it on the ceiling if you don’t have enough space for displaying your plants. 


Climbing plants are an ideal choice for decorating your kitchen. Whether you want to let them grow through the shelving or hang them in decorative baskets, the possibilities are endless. Pothos is one of the vining plants that thrive well in your kitchen. 

Air plant

The Air plant is excellent for any room, including the kitchen. There is nothing better than a plant that doesn’t need frequent waterings. In fact, Tillandsia doesn’t require soil as well. All you need to do is soak it in water once a week and leave it to dry. Many love to display this plant in decorative terrariums and bowls. However, keep in mind that the plant needs to be dry before putting it back in the terrarium. 

Cast iron plant

Just because your kitchen doesn’t have enough natural light, it doesn’t have to mean that you should skip adding house plants. Cast iron plant doesn’t require sunlight, so it is a nice greenery decor for the kitchen.