Best Teal Bedroom Ideas

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Teal is a cyan-green or greenish-blue colour. It is often used to refer to shades of cyan. It can be created by mixing cyan into the green. 

Teal is a bright colour that many people consider soft and feminine. Therefore, it is widely used and worn by many women who consider it a calming color. 

Teal is known for its rejuvenating and calming properties. It is often used in bedrooms and living rooms because of its soft and calming aura. 

Teal is also known to represent open communication and clarity of thought. Tibetan monks believe that teal is symbolic of the infinity of the sea and sky, while Egyptians associate color with truth and faith. 

Teal is such a bright color that it illuminates any room it is used in. In addition, it radiates peace, positive energy, and a sense of calm, just like the sea. 

Teal is known as the colour of restfulness because it inspires a calm and reflective mood. Teal is also known to promote mental and spiritual healing.

Teal can be paired with white, cream, navy, brown, yellow, Royal Blue, lime green, red, gold, purple, orange, pink, or silver to achieve a sophisticated look in your bedroom.

There are many different ways teal can be used to achieve a striking effect in your bedroom. Here are some ideas that might give you decor inspo.

20 Teal Bedroom Ideas

1. Teal + white

Teal and white is a serene and calm combination. These colors are easy on the eye and promote relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The combination of teal and white results in an elegant and sophisticated feel. This is for you if you’re going for an understated minimalist look. 

White walls alongside teal beddings and accessories will give your room a sophisticated look you are aiming for. In addition, white walls give an illusion of space, so if you are a fan of spacious rooms, this combination is what you need.

For a twist, you can use different shades of teal to give your room a different look. For example, you could use light shades of teal on some parts of the wall and darker shades of accessories and/or ornaments to give your room more depth. 

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2. Teal + Yellow

Teal and Yellow is a striking combination. If you are looking for a bold, bright, and lively look, this is the combination for you. 

Teal has blue undertones, which makes it complementary to yellow. However, yellow isn’t as easy on the eyes as teal, so it is advisable to use teal as the foundation and then add yellow touches. 

You could use teal on the walls and beddings, then throw in some yellow wall art, throw pillows, rugs, blankets, or even table lamps. 

Teal balances off the harshness of Yellow quite quickly, and combining both colors leaves you with a bright and lively finish. 

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3. Teal + Grey

If you’re going for a retro or boho aesthetic, this combo will be perfect for you. Grey pairs well with teal and is accessible to the eyes.

You can pair teal walls with a touch of Grey for an understated yet classy look. Grey is a soft neutral color that exudes calm and comfort. Combining the healing properties of teal and the peaceful vibes of Grey gives an ultra-calm, ultra-relaxing environment. 

The combination of Teal and Grey is especially relevant for people who have hectic and stressful lives and want to come home to a very relaxing environment.

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4. Teal + Brown

Teal and brown is a classic combination. Combining the gentle and relaxing tones of teal with the rich earthy brown results in a unique blend of colors that is neither too bright nor too drab.

Teal adds a dash of color tempered by brown, so it’s not too bright, and brown adds a rich quality to the room. This combination is robust and earthy.

A great way to combine these colors is by using light teal paint on the walls and darker teal beddings and throw pillows alongside rich brown wooden furniture. 

The brightness of the teal will help lighten the dullness of the brown and give it a livelier vibe.

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5. Teal + Blue

Teal and Blue is a bright and vibrant color combination. Since teal has undertones of blue, teal and shades of blue go well together. 

Blue is known for its soothing properties, and teal is also known for its relaxing and refreshing properties, so a combination of Teal and Blue will result in a very relaxing visual environment. 

Teal combined with blue is bold without being overwhelming. It is perfect for people who require highly relaxing and tranquilizing spaces. 

To add some depth, you can use different shades of Blue for the accessories in your room. This will give your room layers of colors and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

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6. Teal + Lime Green

Teal and lime green go well together. They are pretty similar, so they blend relatively easily. This combination gives the illusion of living plants. In addition, it gives your room an outdoorsy feel. 

Combining teal and lime green results in a dynamic and energetic vibe. However, this combination might be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t like bright colors. If you are such a person, you may combine both teal and lime green with more neutral colors to strike a balance that will be easy on your eyes.

If you are a lover of plants and the great outdoors, then teal and lime green might be just what you’re looking for. 

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7. Teal + Red

Teal and red complement each other. The tranquility of teal balances out the vibrant energy of red, leaving you with a brilliant and energetic finish. 

However, it is best to use more teal than red. Use teal as the base color, then add touches of red for a dash of vibrance. 

You could use red throw pillows or art pieces that are predominantly red or a red mural on a teal wall. 

This combination is suitable for people looking for something different, exciting, and fun.

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8. Teal + pink

A combination of teal and pink results in a soft aura that is effortlessly feminine. The soft tones of teal and the girly tones of the pink combine to create a dreamy atmosphere that any girl would love.

The floral decor is a good choice of accessories for this room. Also, throw pillows, flowers, and soft lighting would be a perfect fit for this color theme.

This combination is suitable for people who love soft and girly tones.

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9. Teal + gold 

You cannot go wrong with Teal and Gold. The combination of teal and gold results in a soft and warm ambiance that relaxes the eyes. 

The soothing properties of teal combined with the inviting tones of gold give an understated elegant finish.

You can use gold-accented furniture alongside teal walls and upholstery to attain a sophisticated finish. You can also use gilded mirrors, wall art with gilded frames, and other types of gold ornamental items to adorn your walls and give your room a royal look. 

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10. Teal + purple

Teal and purple both have undertones of blue, so they both have a relaxing feel when used together. However, although they go well together, purple can easily overwhelm teal in an arrangement, so it is best to use teal for the foundation and purple for accents. 

The combination of teal and purple is artsy, chic, and feminine and is a good match for someone looking for something soft and feminine. 

Teal and purple is a perfect combination for someone who wants to try a retro look in their bedroom. 

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11. Teal + orange

Teal balances the vibrant energy of orange. Orange is a very bright color that can easily overwhelm other colors, but using appropriate amounts can create a beautiful finish. 

While using a combination of teal and orange, the amount of teal should be more than the amount of orange used to strike a balance. In addition, it is advisable to use neutral colors alongside teal and green to avoid adding in too much vibrancy. 

You can choose teal upholstery and add orange throw pillows or afghans to add the appropriate amount of vibrancy. 

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12. Teal + Bright Nude

Teal and nude is a brilliant color combination. It gives off a soft and calming vibe. This combination is suitable for someone who wants a gentle and understated look for their room.

To achieve this look, you can mix other neutral colors with teal and nude; for example, you can paint your walls white, get nude-colored furniture, and teal and white beddings for a simple yet sophisticated look.

You can add some elegant wall art and throw pillows to complete the look and achieve a muted yet elegant vibe.

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13. Minimalistic teal + white

This is another combination of white and teal, but with way more white and just a dash of teal. This is ideal for you if you are prone to visual overstimulation. 

You need to paint your walls white and get white furniture and beddings for this color theme. Then, you can add teal throw pillows, teal wall art, teal mirrors, teal plant pots, etc., for a touch of teal. 

This combination is perfect for minimalists and people who would like the choice of changing the color theme of their room without making any significant changes like replacing furniture or repainting the room. 

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14. Teal + Magenta 

A combination of teal and magenta is a very energetic and colorful theme. The result is a brilliant explosion of color that is very visually stimulating.

Combining a soft teal and a bright magenta will result in a bright mix that radiates energy and light. This combination is bold and fearless.

A teal and magenta color theme is suitable for people that are looking for a very colorful theme.

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15. Teal + Neutral Colors

A combination of teal and neutral colors like white, cream, beige, black, brown, etc. is always a good idea. The neutral colors provide a solid foundation on which to showcase the brightness of teal. 

Neutral colors easily complement teal and accentuate its soft and aesthetic tones. An easy choice of a neutral color to combine with teal is white. 

White provides a sturdy yet attractive foundation for teal, and together they radiate a peaceful, warm, and refreshing aura. You can add teal throw pillows into the mix for an extra dash of color. 

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16. Ombre Teal Paint

If you do not want to paint your entire wall teal, you could paint your walls an ombre teal. This would give your room a unique look. 

Ombre paint is a statement work of art. It is quite uncommon because few people are bold enough to pick such a distinct design choice. 

Using ombre paint reduces the intensity of teal in your room, but if you want to mix it up further, you can add neutral throw pillows and beddings to further diffuse the teal. 

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17. Teal + peach

Teal and peach go well together. A combination of teal and peach results in a soft aura that is soft and easy on the eyes. The gentle tones of teal and the soft tones of peach combine to create a charming feminine atmosphere. 

You can add some white furniture, white wall art, and peach throw pillows to achieve a brilliant finish. 

The combination of teal and peach is perfect for someone who is looking for a soft yet chic color theme. 

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18. Teal + Coral

Teal and red are a good fit for each other. The tranquility of teal complements the mellow energy of coral, leaving you with a simple and beautiful finish. 

The combination of teal and coral is beautiful, serene, and timeless. You can mix other neutral colors with teal and coral for a simple yet classy look to achieve this look.

This combination is suitable for people who are looking for a fun and exciting vibe.

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19. Teal + Brick

If you live in a brick house, you can add a splash of color to your room by adding teal accents. 

You could get teal beddings or throw pillows, upholstery, teal-colored art, teal rugs, or other Teal colored accessories. 

The soft warmth of the teal sets off the rich, natural tones of Brick and transforms the space into an entirely new space.

If you do not live in a brick house, but you’d like to try this theme, you can install 3D wallpapers to give your room a brick-and-mortar feel.

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20. Teal + Floral Patterns

Teal goes well with floral patterns. Floral arrangements are pretty to look at, and patterned floral items make it very easy to enjoy floral arrangements on your household items. 

You can buy throw pillows with floral prints, wall art, bed linens, and furniture with floral prints on them. This design gives your room playful energy. 

This decor idea is perfect for someone who loves flowers and floral arrangements.

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Teal is a rich, vibrant color that has warm undertones. It is a fantastic choice for any living space, but choosing a color theme can be difficult. 

However, designing your new room doesn’t have to be a chore. You can play around with the colors in this article and learn more about the different types of color combinations that work well with teal. 

It is only a matter of time before you settle on a color combination that matches your vibe and suits your personality with adequate research. 

Good luck with finding the best fit for you.