White House Black Trim – 20 Inspiring White Houses With Black Trim

image source: mhousedevelopment

A white house with black trim is an excellent option for the exterior. It gives your home a modern touch while fitting various architectural styles. The natural contrast between these two colors will make certain features pop, resulting in an attractive design. On the other hand, black and white is a classic color combination that works for every taste. This is especially important if you plan to sell your house soon and want to increase the resale value. 

If you need a helping hand with choosing the design, we feature a carefully selected collection of 20 inspiring examples. As you go through them, you will gather the inspiration you need to take on your project. 

White House With Black Trim:

1. Single-story white house with black trim

No matter how big or small your house is, the black and white combination is a timeless classic for curb appeal. The single-story house brings a fresh perspective to this combination. It is appealing, coming with a clean aesthetic to appeal to any taste. The exterior color has significant importance in increasing the resale value. Therefore, you should be very careful when making the right choice. 

2. Modern white house black trim

A white house black trim combination works for a wide array of styles. However, it is the perfect fit for modern styles. Emphasizing the window casings with a bold black color will highlight their beauty and add to the curb appeal. If black is too dark for you, you can always choose an alternative. In this case, opt for the darkest gray that is almost black. This gorgeous house features a black and white combo with a modern vibe that turns heads. 

3. Small white house with black trim

When it comes to choosing the paint colors, Sherwin Wiliams and Benjamin Moore are the most popular ones. They offer exterior paint colors in different tones, so you can always find the right fit for your needs. You can check their websites and see how different paint colors pair together. However, don’t forget that the colors will appear lighter if your house is exposed to the sun. 

4. White farmhouse with black trim

The white house black trim is an ideal option for a farmhouse. A white exterior will make your architectural style pop. If your home is in the shade, the white color will highlight its beauty. The black trim will outline the design while adding contrast. To enhance the design, you can add rustic details such as exposed bricks or stone. Either way, the house will make a remarkable statement. 

5. White house black trim wood accents

If you wish to implement the black and white combo in rustic styles, there is one trick to do it properly. Adding wood accents brings a touch of warmth to play, resulting in a cozy house aesthetic that keeps the timeless color combination. In this case, you can choose a warm white to complement the style. Although whites appear the same to you, they can have a slight difference. Warm whites have a yellow undertone, making them appear creamier, which is ideal for traditional and rustic styles.

6. White house black window trim

The black window trim is ideal for the Victorian architectural style, highlighting their beauty. Nevertheless, it can be used for any other style. When choosing the right exterior paint colors, don’t forget to check the LRV number. Each paint color features an LRV or light reflectance value ranging from 0 to 100. The 0 is black, and the 100 is white. You can use the LRV value of the color to compare different blacks and whites and understand their tone. 

7. White ranch house with black trim

The white exterior and black door are an excellent collaboration to enhance the curb appeal. If a simple combination appears too flat for you, it is time to bring some texture. The stone posts add visual interest with their organic texture. You can finish the look with wood accents to add a subtle touch of warmth. These auditions will complement the ranch style, making the black and white combo perfectly flatter it. 

8. White brick houses with black trim

With so many white colors available, choosing the right fit for your needs is challenging. The first thing to have in mind is that you will come across warm and cool white tones. The warm whites appear softer, thanks to the yellow undertone present. On the other hand, the cool whites look crisp and bright. This is due to the presence of blue undertones. Usually, warm whites go with traditional styles. Cool whites will flatter modern styles to perfection. 

9. White stucco house with black trim

A white stucco house ornate with black details is the perfect combination for fantastic curb appeal. Before you decide to commit to specific paint color, it is essential to sample it first. A color will look different under various light conditions. When you look at it in the store under artificial lighting, the tone will vary. In most cases, stores sell an adhesive color sample you can use to assess whether the color suits your needs.

10. White shiplap

A crisp white color is an ideal choice for the shiplap exterior. It will ideally complement the distinctive texture and highlight the architectural style. The paned windows add a unique charm to this design while beginning to be cohesive with style. The designers decided to soften the look with a gray roof and posts. The gray ideally complements the stark white exterior paint color. 

11. Gray roof

A black-and-white combination doesn’t have to look stark. You can quickly soften it up with a few decorative touches. If you prefer a sleek transition between black and white, try using gray as a color choice for the roof. This is a common trick that architects use for a seamless look. The addition of stone details makes this house look charming and inviting. 

12. Stone accents

The stone accents bring a rustic appearance to the exterior. This is ideal if you prefer to keep the traditional vibe and introduce worth. Warm whites that tend to be creamy or greige will be suitable for stone accents. The black trim highlights the unique architectural details of this house.

13. Clean aesthetic

Black and white are often used to introduce a minimalist touch to the design. An exterior that gathers these colors results in a streamlined look that will remain fashionable for years to come. If you don’t feel like repainting your exterior in the next few years, this is your ultimate choice. The white exterior, black roof, and thin window frames create your desired minimalist look. 

14. Modern farmhouse

The white house with black trim will alter your modern farmhouse aesthetic. This specific style is the one responsible for making this exterior combination popular. We love how the wall sconces stand out and add charm to the design. You can keep the door black or paint it in a rich color to stand out. 

15. Black and wood accents 

Before you decide to repaint the house exterior, there is one thing to be careful with. It would be best if you always referred to the local building codes for changes. Altering your exterior will also change the look of your neighborhood. Therefore some municipalities might limit the use of specific colors to keep the look authentic to the whole area. This is important for architectural heritage, so check it out before you start any painting project. 

16. Modern design

When painting your exterior, you should mind a few aspects. The color choice should ideally flatter your architectural style. On the other hand, it should blend in with the neighborhood. You don’t want your house to be seen from afar away just because of the vivid color that stands out among the others. The black and white combination is neutral that won’t be an eyesore in the neighborhood. 

17. Streamline design 

A light and airy house with prominent black windows appeal to any taste. A black metal roof is a versatile feature that ideally fits modern styles. With this, the simple house design looks tasteful and doesn’t overpower the surrounding with bold vibes. This design with minimal black accents is ideal if you plan to sell your house soon.

18. White shutters black trim

White shutters and clean touch to the house exterior, while the black trim brings a refined look. These elements will daily flatter traditional style with contemporary notes. The oversized windows make a bold statement with the black frame. The dark gray roof completes the aesthetic, while the white patio brings a clean look.

19. Cottage style

When you need a versatile color scheme for a cottage-style home, be sure that black and white are the ideal fit. The front porch features red bricks as a charming architectural detail that wishes everyone a warm welcome. The minimal use of black trim makes the white color more prominent, resulting in a traditional design that appeals to any taste. 

20. Traditional home

When choosing the windows for your home, you might naturally opt for black to flatter your color scheme. But you can stick with white ones if it is your preference. While white windows might not be prominent, use this design to make them stand out. For the ultimate statement, boldly frame them with black. The contrasting accents make a stunning impact on the overall design. Ideal if you are looking for something bold but don’t want to use vivid colors to paint your exterior.